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The latest version of LM is 12.3.6. To download the latest ListManager version follow these steps:   Login to Navigate to "Support" Select "Downloads" Select "Releases" Select "ALM" Select "previous_versions"   Or you may use this link:   You would find 3…
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We have a legacy Lyris v11 system on premise and would like to know if its possible to: Export our current solution and lists then import it to the latest on premise version? Export our current solution and lists then import it to the cloud solution? If so what would the procedure be?   Thanks.
in List Manager (ALM) Community
We are trying to create a set of templates that our users can access. While we are able to create the HTML content and paste it in, we seem to be unable to actually specify the Editable Regions in the template. We have tried on a variety of browsers and with pasted and using Heading tags, Paragraph tags, and DIV tags in the HTML. What we expect to… (Show more)
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We have inadvertently banned a large batch of contacts on the entire server, in version 11, due to a recent issues with Yahoo and AOL blocking us. Now we cannot find a method to un-ban them in a batch. It appears the only option is to delete each ban individually. However, with over ten thousand, this would take an extremely long time. The concern… (Show more)
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Hoping someone can help me.  We are using Lyris 11.1 on premises.  Email are not going out encrypted.  How do I turn on encryption? Thanks!!
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Hello there, I need to figure out how many of our 500+ lists are set up as discussion lists v. announcement/marketing lists. Has anybody done this via MSSQL? Most SQL queries I've seen are centered on members of a list, but I need to retrieve lists of a site/instance. Any help is appreciated in advance. Jaime Garcia
in List Manager (ALM) Community
I'm using Lyris LM version 12.3.6.   I am trying to test tracking of opened emails.   I sent a test message tracking the opening of the emails. I opened the email from 2 of the recipients mailboxes, and the report does not show that any emails were opened.   The HTML source of the email contains the image: http:///db/1534/112033/1.gif, where… (Show more)
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I need assistance with creating a list that allows people to subscribe to the list via email or web link. Is that possible, and if so how can I accomplish this?
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