• CRM Overview | Enterprise Edition (EN)

    This PDF is also available in Deutsch: CRM Overview | Enterprise Edition (DE). For the French version, please let us know.
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  • Aurea CRM - Help Documentation (online)

    Hello, until a few weeks ago, I was able to access online Aurea CRM help using the following link. Since then, this link has been empty. Does this online help still exist under another link or has it been removed?   ...
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  • Why not to use CRM.Cockpit?

    Hi Community,   in the last over 10 years of my update/Aurea-history I am using CRM.Cockpit for deployment from DEV to TEST and PROD (in about 30 Aurea projects). I like it, and it makes my life much easier: the inst...
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  • Aurea CRM SDK docs for offline use?

    Is there a chance to get the online SDK for Client/Server from update.CRM SDK Reference for offline use? Thanks ~Bernhard
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  • Better communication of breaking changes

    Hopefully, I haven't overlooked any accessable documentation, but according to my researches at Aurea Support Portal / Works / etc there are no documentation or post, which would introduce the breaking changes made by...
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  • Aurea CRM und ACM

    Hi,   we have some customers who are currently interested in the combination of Aurea CRM and ACM, first customers who are implementing it.   The interface is currently running without any problems, HTM sending and ...
    Martin Ehret
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  • SSO with CRM.Client

    Hi,   we have a customer that is looking into the question whether or not the CRM.Client will be getting the functionality of being able to SSO  in Windows environment for me details you can also have a look at case ...
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  • CRM 11.9 - phone country code format

    Hello,   On company, the field Phone, the country code is autocompleted depending on the counrty. This is an helpful option, but is anyone knows iof there is a way to delete the "0" on the phone number when a countr...
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  • System Requirements Aurea CRM 11.3.0.pdf

    System Requirements Aurea CRM 11.3.0.pdf
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  • autocomplete="off" for input fields

    I've looked for any hint in the PDF guides and searched for a web configuration parameter in designer, but have found nothing. Chrome (currently the leading browser platform) does not support site-specific autofill se...
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  • CRM.Client: 3 Operating Systems for Support

    To our Valued Customers:   With the introduction of our new beta release, CRM.Client for Android, we have made changes to our support portal. When a ticket is submitted, you will now be required to indicate your oper...
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  • Aurea Customer Relationship Manager v11.10 & CRM.client v2.9 Releases - available now!

    We are excited to announce the Aurea Customer Relationship Manager v11.10 & CRM.client v2.9  Releases are now available. These releases provide enhanced features, improved quality, and stability across the entire plat...
    Michael Obermaier
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  • Meet your new social selling network

    Boost your sales win rate by 12% with new Collaborative CRM.   Everyone agrees on the need to collaborate when it comes to delivering sales results but rarely do teams stop to apply any structure or formal processes ...
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  • CRM Customer FAQ - June 2019.pdf

    We compiled recently asked customer questions - and answers - regarding new upcoming features and re-architecting ACRM for the 21st century. Aurea CRM is committed to ensuring your investment continues to add value to...
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  • Recorded Webinar: ACRM Customer Update

    Open video

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  • CRM.mobile-overview-EN_R (1).pdf

    Aurea’s mobile CRM solutions mean you can access customer information, process orders, and comprehensively manage your accounts anywhere you are.   For the German version: CRM.mobile-overview-DE.pdf
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  • CRM.mobile-overview-DE.pdf

    Die mobilen CRM-Lösungen von Aurea sind für alle täglich verwendeten mobilen Geräte wie Smartphones, Tablets, iPads und Laptops optimiert. Unsere vollständige Palette userfreundlicher mobiler Anwen...
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  • cloud-benefits-CRM-DE.pdf

    Aurea-Kunden, die bereits von unseren Lösungen in der Cloud profitieren, wissen: sie können unbesorgt Infrastruktur und Betrieb vereinfachen und gleichzeitig ihre Kapital- und Betriebskosten senken, wäh...
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  • cloud-benefits-CRM_R.pdf

    CLOUD FOR AUREA CRM   For the DE version: cloud-benefits-CRM-DE.pdf
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  • CRM-and-Jive-overview-EN_R.pdf

    Aurea CRM with Jive. Together, they’re a one-two punch for your sales force, providing the critical information you need to manage deals and the team collaboration you need to close them.   For German version: CRM-an...
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