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You’ve probably heard about Aurea Predictive CRM, but you may still be wondering what it is, what it does, and whether you need it or not.


To better explain Predictive CRM, we created a video, that shows you how it works and how much more efficient your sales teams can be.  Predictive CRM lets your team close deals faster, improves lead quality, and dramatically boosts lead-to-opportunity conversions.


Aurea Predictive CRM combines the power of Aurea CRM with Infer for lead scoring analysis. Together, they use proven data analysis and machine learning to automatically identify which new leads are most likely to purchase and when — so your sales teams know how to prioritize, and which leads are most likely to convert.


After you've watched the video, reach out to me personally if you have questions or would like a personal demonstration!

Boost your sales win rate by 12% with new Collaborative CRM.


Everyone agrees on the need to collaborate when it comes to delivering sales results but rarely do teams stop to apply any structure or formal processes to that collaboration. Instead, the focus is on the short-term with each team only concentrating on what they need to focus on to deliver for the task at hand.


What happens when you combine Jive and Aurea CRM into a social selling network? Imagine if you could...


  • Increase deal size and win rate while simultaneously decreasing RFP response and deal cycle time?


  • Share knowledge and get lightning-fast answers to every question from all parts of the organization, with a seamless and integrated space.


  • Leverage and benefit from a complete view of your customer or prospect, allowing for more efficient management of your accounts and opportunities.

As you already know Aurea CRM is a best-of-breed customer relationship platform. And Jive Interactive Intranet is the world’s leading collaboration platform. Watch this video to see how together, they provide the critical information you need to manage deals and the team collaboration you need to close them.



Jive is the gateway to your most valuable assets – your people and your knowledge. It’s the perfect complement to Aurea CRM, bringing together your sales teams and other stakeholders in one place to pursue opportunities and close deals faster and more successfully than ever before. While your ACRM provides critical opportunity and account data, Jive adds conversation and collaboration capabilities. You can stay in sync and work together moment by moment. Everyone involved in the deal or in your organization can work together from anywhere, using their favorite desktop or mobile device.

Jive+CRM has helped some of the world’s leading companies and best-known brands achieve breakthrough sales results:

  • Increased deal size by 5%
  • Increased win rate by 12%
  • Decreased RFP response time by 25%
  • Shrunk deal cycle time by 22%


With Jive, you can create virtual “account rooms” where everyone involved – inside and outside your sales team – can quickly come together to plan, execute, and stay informed. Any seller can set up a Jive account room in minutes, pulling together all the players, all the resources and all the information you need, in one convenient location.


Jive streamlines and accelerates the most complex aspects of deal and account management, like finding critical information, getting answers to time-sensitive questions, creating RFPs and bid management. Connect with your entire team: not just sales and not just CRM users, but anyone inside your company (marketing, legal, product management, subject matter experts) or outside (partners and contractors) involved in the deal. Find information and assets: sales collateral, presentations, bids, RFPs, contracts, view open offers, opportunities, tickets and access corresponding lists within ACRM and Jive. Even stay in sync with the latest updates, meetings, events and more.


Your team can even access all of this functionality on the go, thanks to Jive’s fully responsive UI and marketing-leading collaboration app for iOS and Android. Everything reps need to stay productive and synced up is always just a tap away, with a fast, consumer-style mobile experience tailored to the needs of busy sellers. Best of all, Jive is available to you as part of Aurea Unlimited.  If CRM + Jive sounds like it could impact your sales and customer goals, reach out to your Account Executive.