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Pluradent, (one of the largest retailers in the European healthcare market), recently took advantage of its Platinum Support subscription to complete a Managed Upgrade of its Aurea CRM software. The success of the upgrade was another chapter in our years of business relationship with Pluradent. The company leverages Aurea CRM for everything surrounding customer interactions, and has more than 200 power users who use it to track all the information they need about customers, generate consultation reports and visualize key sales workflows around the clock. Read more about why a managed CRM upgrade made sense for Pluradent in a recent Q&A.


Recipe for success

Aurea Professional Services is grounded on the belief  that up-front preparation and good communication are essential to any project’s success. At the outset of any Managed Upgrade, our professional services team presents a playbook to our clients, in which all steps and responsibilities are mapped out. The manual offers details and opens a dialogue about the upgrade process, its timeline and what’s expected of everyone involved. The idea is to be transparent and informative and really engage with our customers. Thus, we undertake the upgrade in a way that works best and is most meaningful for our clients.


In this particular case, we were able to fulfill Pluradent’s expectations and far exceed them in some parts, because they truly partnered with Aurea. Pluradent took the playbook to heart, and invested the time to collect high-quality test cases where the expected result was clear. As we discussed with them up front, good test cases are well worth the effort they take to prepare. They’re essential in getting the right result in current and all future upgrades. And the good news is that test cases can be re-used! So we do encourage an up-front investment in creating solid test cases.


We’re always best able to make life easier for our clients when we have unfettered access to their system during the Managed Upgrade. Pluradent again was a great partner in this regard. As called for in the playbook, they made a system backup and allowed Aurea full access to their system so they could relax, and we could do the rest. We’re really here to make Managed Upgrades a great experience. They help our clients stay tapped into the full extent of product innovation that Aurea continues to evolve.


In our client’s words

“I was skeptical at first, but the Managed Upgrade professional service turned out to be perfect. The migration was easy, and communication with Professional Services was great. Thank you for your great work, Aurea Professional Services!”

—Roland Gell, CRM System Architect, Pluradent


About Managed Upgrades

Aurea Managed Upgrades—included with every Platinum Support Membership—offer our most exclusive support from our professional services (PS) team, at up to 10x savings. Platinum Support includes one (1) Managed Upgrade each year.


As part of the Managed Upgrade process, we work through a comprehensive, five-step process that lets our experts deeply analyze a client environment before we upgrade, test, and deploy new capabilities. Every step is designed to minimize risk, speed deployment, and deliver the best result to the business.


We think our customers deserve the best innovation we can deliver. Managed Upgrades delivered through Platinum Support are about making sure our customers have access to the newest and latest technology we offer—without risk or extra cost.


Take the next step

To learn more about what Aurea Professional Services has to offer, let us know in the comments below or contact your account representative. In the meantime, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


Is my company eligible for a Managed Upgrade?

All Platinum Support members with on-premise installations are eligible for one (1) Managed Upgrade per year.


How do I request a Managed Upgrade?

Request a Managed Upgrade by creating a case in the Aurea Support Portal at  Refer to the "Request a Managed Upgrade" section for details.


What are clients responsible for during a Managed Upgrade?


You’ll need:

  • A completed Managed Upgrade questionnaire.
  • Access to a development/staging environment.
  • Timely assignment of resources.

How long will a Managed Upgrade take?

  • A typical Aurea CRM Managed Upgrade to a development/staging environment requires about 4-8 weeks.


Can Platinum Services upgrade all my environments?

Platinum Support membership includes a Managed Upgrade for one (1) development/staging environment per year. However, you can engage us to go beyond that at additional cost.