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German client Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions for use in buildings, transportation, infrastructure and industrial applications.  The newly revamped Aurea Professional Services Team recently had an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Saint-Gobain as part of a needed CRM system upgrade.


When it was time for Saint-Gobain to upgrade to Aurea CRM version 10, we were able to deploy our newly re-imagined Professional Services team as part of our Platinum Support - Managed Upgrades. With the benefit of deep product knowledge and experience, the team assessed the situation and developed a work plan to manage a larger bug fix and migration project to ultimately put the solution in place that best served their needs. The work successfully addressed the special issues Saint-Gobain had been living with, and needed a solution to address. The client was thrilled with the outcome.


Saint-Gobain’s challenge

Any time a SaaS customer upgrades their software, there is a necessary prerequisite upgrade to the client’s development, test and production environments.  For Saint-Gobain, there was an unavoidable delay in the UAT phase on their end. The client had a need to suspend the work for several months while it focused on other internal priorities. When they were done with their UAT phase, and were ready to proceed with production migration, it became clear to the new Professional Services team that there was a good bit of preparatory work---assorted bug fixes---that needed to be completed in order to get the migration done properly.


Our professional services team went to work understanding Saint-Gobain’s existing technique and solution including the configuration and customization, and digging into the reported bugs in their system that were part of an old tech implementation, and totally unrelated to their CRM installation. These were old bugs that the company had been spending tremendous time and resources working around and coping with manually. It wasn’t the best use of their time. We absolutely had to fix the bugs in order to make this migration work to its maximum potential. So, even though the bug cleanup was out of our initially planned scope, we did it aiming for a final outcome that would exceed our client’s expectations.


Planning to succeed

The planning phase of the migration was essential. Our Professional Services team created customized proofs of concept to get everyone on the same page. Once the client evaluated and approved the plan, we developed a work schedule with generous windows to accommodate our client’s potential change requests and other feedback. This foresight laid a great foundation for the project. In our experience, the planning work is absolutely essential to the success of the operation. 


Saint-Gobain is a great client, and they were wonderful partners in this migration. We were able to adhere to the timelines in part because they collaborated, and enabled us to complete a good amount of pre-migration development. We were able to handle any glitches in the pre-upgrade period by really digging into the proofs of concept and providing all the confirmation we needed. As in any relationship, good resource planning, communication and transparency about any issues or additional cost implications created the conditions for the partnership to thrive. The results were spectacular.


In Our Client’s Words

“We were very satisfied with our Aurea experience. The team was fast to respond, and solved issues quickly and efficiently. The collaboration between the Aurea Platinum Support, Professional Services and Sales team was seamless. It all added up to a successful migration that has profoundly improved the way we work.”


Mr. Raimund Stracke, Manager| Marketing| Saint-Gobain HES

Positive Impact

Saint-Gobain was ultimately very pleased that their project was handled by product experts who could see that a top-notch migration was going to impact their business for the better.  There have been no bugs reported after the roll-out, and system performance has greatly improved. The project was a total success, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to deepen our relationship with our valued client, Saint-Gobain.


Take the next step

Not every client needs a customized solution. Many clients take advantage of their annual, standard managed upgrade that comes included with Platinum Support. To learn all that Aurea Professional Services has to offer, contact your account representative. In the meantime, here are answers to some frequently asked question about the standard Managed Upgrade that’s included with a Platinum Support subscription.


Is my company eligible for a Managed Upgrade?

All Platinum Support members are eligible for one (1) Managed Upgrade per year.

How do I request a Managed Upgrade?

Request a Managed Upgrade by creating a Platinum Service case in the Aurea Support Portal at  Refer to the "Request a Managed Upgrade" section for details or contact your Platinum Experience Manager.


What are clients responsible for during a Managed Upgrade?

You’ll need:

  • A completed Managed Upgrade questionnaire.
  • Access to a development/staging environment.
  • Timely assignment of resources.
  • Active involvement in Acceptance testing

How long will a Managed Upgrade take?

A typical Aurea CRM Managed Upgrade to a development/staging environment requires about 4-8 weeks.


Can Platinum Services upgrade all my environments?

Platinum Support membership includes a Managed Upgrade for one (1) development/staging environment per year. However, you can engage us to go beyond that at additional cost.


What other services can I access with Platinum membership?

1.Architecture & Design Review

2. GDPR Protect

3.Health Check

4.Managed Upgrade

5.Performance Tuning (Enterprise Only)