Video: Watch how Aurea CRM can predict which leads will close (and when)

Blog Post created by nbaker Employee on Jan 8, 2020

You’ve probably heard about Aurea Predictive CRM, but you may still be wondering what it is, what it does, and whether you need it or not.


To better explain Predictive CRM, we created a video, that shows you how it works and how much more efficient your sales teams can be.  Predictive CRM lets your team close deals faster, improves lead quality, and dramatically boosts lead-to-opportunity conversions.


Aurea Predictive CRM combines the power of Aurea CRM with Infer for lead scoring analysis. Together, they use proven data analysis and machine learning to automatically identify which new leads are most likely to purchase and when — so your sales teams know how to prioritize, and which leads are most likely to convert.


After you've watched the video, reach out to me personally if you have questions or would like a personal demonstration!