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We are excited to announce the Aurea Customer Relationship Manager April Quality Release now available. This release provides improved quality, stability and enhanced speed.


CRM.Web v11.7

  • Resolved 25 bugs dealing with UI rendering, connector module, and campaign manager integration

CRM.Pad v4.9

  • Resolved 5 bugs for improved quality & stability


To access the latest versions along with app product documentation and release notes, visit the product library in the Aurea Support Portal.


If you have any questions, please contact Aurea Support or your account manager for more information. We appreciate your continued partnership.

Sales organizations are being challenged very differently in 2019 than they were even 5 to 10 years ago.  The advent of mobile computing has completely changed the sales dynamic from notepads and pens to keyboards and touchscreens.   As we push further into this brave new world of selling, clients are struggling with the CRM tools that are available in the market as they have been developed by taking old technology and trying to make it work for a mobile workforce.  Sellers today need a mobile-first CRM with an intuitive UI, multi-modal approach to access and integrations that drive real business value instead of the shotgun approach most of the old-fashioned former market leaders take.


CRM was created in 1986 based on the principle of a digital Rolodex by Pat Sullivan and Mike Muhney when they built ACT!, this became the gold standard for salespeople.  These early systems allowed for contact management and very basic database marketing; however, soon it became commonplace for every salesperson on the street to use some form of CRM platform.  Fast-forward almost 30 years, and everyone from IBM to Nutshell is trying their hand at creating the next big thing for CRM. With tools that link us to internal data or even Facebook, most offerings try to jam as many features into them as possible making the software bloated, expensive and difficult to use.  This everything to everyone approach has created friction, confusion, and underutilization of tools in the sales community.


Aurea has decided to take another path when it comes to our newest CRM offering.  ACRM is being rearchitected from the ground up to be the CRM for the 21st century.  Built around the standards that have been created by systems like Salesforce, CRM.nextgen will be revolutionary, offering a simple, open and insightful experience when it comes to developing deep customer relationships.   Aurea CRM.nextgen will provide a robust modern interface, a focus on B2B relationships, enable a mobile-first approach to access and provide integrations that matter to sellers. As an enterprise solution, Aurea CRM.nextgen will act as a central hub across all of your data connecting the dots and generating the insights your team needs to be successful in the ever-changing landscape. 


This investment in our new platform will allow Aurea CRM to continue to grow and adapt to the needs of our clients for years to come.  Tentatively we will be bringing our new CRM to market early in 2020 while continuing to further innovate our current version to explore the possibilities to combine features and services across both platforms.  We will continue to update you as we make progress and are excited to share this journey with you.