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Aurea CRM Online Demo Updated

Blog Post created by Michael Obermaier Employee on Dec 15, 2018

Dear customers & Partner Community ,


with the latest release auf Aurea CRM 2018.3 (v11.3) I am also happy to announce the availability of the updated Aurea CRM online demo as well as our rebranded Aurea CRM Demo Center.


The Aurea CRM online demo version includes all the latest Enterprise Edition capabilities, a fully configured CRM.client access, as well as an integration with Aurea Campaign Manager to show case our campaign management and email marketing capabilities.


FirstRain Integration

With our latest demo release we offer a first glance at our FirstRain integration which allows sales professionals to "follow" their most important key accounts and get a curated overview of press clippings, social media buzz, management changes, competitor insights, and much more.


Aurea CRM and FirstRain Integration


A perfectly designed end-to-end solution to equip your team through the sales cycle with uniquely selected relevant business information that is focused on helping your organization intersect the value proposition with the market need by bringing new opportunities, developing and maintaining key relationships with your customers, and ultimately closing the deals.


Jive Integration

Aurea CRM is a best-of-breed customer relationship platform. And Jive Interactive Intranet - from Aurea - is the world's leading collaboration platform. Together, they're a one-two punch for your sales force, providing the critical information you need to manage deals and the team collaboration you need to close them.


With Jive you can:

  • Bring collaborative conversations into your CRM
  • Empower your sales reps with streamlined, mobile teamwork
  • Make your sales motion fast and frictionless


This online demo also includes a light-weight Jive-integration show case to spark some ideas around how these two products may work together in the near future.


Keeping everyone in the loop with Account-Collaboration

Account managers, sales reps, or sales managers/directors, often need to collaborate on their CRM accounts. Jive offers a place where colleagues can share and collaborate on documents, have discussions and share news on the account with each other. Even if these colleagues do not have access to ACRM.


Aurea CRM and FirstRain Integration


Making deal-management a breeze with Team-Selling

Inside Jive, you can create virtual "deal rooms" where everyone involved – inside and outside your sales team – can quickly come together to plan, execute, and stay informed. Any seller can set up a Jive deal room in minutes, pulling together all the players, all the resources and all the information you need, in one convenient location. Jive streamlines and accelerates the most complex aspects of deal management, like finding critical information, getting answers to time-sensitive questions, creating RFPs, and bid management.


Aurea CRM and FirstRain Integration

Aurea CRM Demo Center