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Hi community,   Is it possible to get the GroupId instead of the RepId fro the u8.session.identity? Below an image from the web admin guide.     My goal is to create an rendhook based on Group instead of Rep.   Thank you in advance.
How do we get a hold of a renewal representative from Aurea?  We have several questions regarding our renewal contract?
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Timothy Davis
Aurea customers are adopting Sococo, a powerful virtual office that workers report to every day just like a physical office — complete with desks, conference rooms, and even break rooms. Watch this webinar recording to: See how Sococo works and experience it yourself. In our interactive demo, you’ll see firsthand how Sococo boosts connection and… (Show more)
Hello, until a few weeks ago, I was able to access online Aurea CRM help using the following link. Since then, this link has been empty. Does this online help still exist under another link or has it been removed?   Thank you for your feedback BR Adrian
Is there a chance to get the online SDK for Client/Server from update.CRM SDK Reference for offline use? Thanks ~Bernhard
Hopefully, I haven't overlooked any accessable documentation, but according to my researches at Aurea Support Portal / Works / etc there are no documentation or post, which would introduce the breaking changes made by enhancements or upgrades of dependencies. I'll go on with the example of update.server (Batch Processing Windows Service):… (Show more)
Hi Community,   in the last over 10 years of my update/Aurea-history I am using CRM.Cockpit for deployment from DEV to TEST and PROD (in about 30 Aurea projects). I like it, and it makes my life much easier: the installation goes smoothly, I have "only one step" to do and I do not have to think about "what I might forgot" to deploy, or in which… (Show more)
Partners,   You may have recently noticed a change in how we are sharing information about ACRM and we wanted to give you a quick update.   The "Known Issues" section has been incorporated into the Product Guide space. We have augmented this information with all relevant Knowledge Base articles created since 2018. This information is updated… (Show more)
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