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The Social Edge product team has been busy the last few months making, updating and innovating on some of our most popular products. If you are a current tile/product customer, or just want to learn more about what we are up to, check out the highlights of some of our latest releases below.



Tile Update Highlights

Recent Releases

We've updated eight of our Tiles for Jive. These releases include general bug fixes as well as enhancements based on the feedback we have received from our current customers. Customers can check out the Release Notes.


Product User Guides & Support

We've moved our user guides and support documentation to an online portal. The guides for all 11 tiles included in EdgePack for Jive can now be accessed on-demand and will show the latest versions. No more PDFs to have to sift through and download! Browse through the general guides (e.g. how to install your tile, how to copy your tile's configuration) or dive into individual tile configuration guides.

Check out the online Tile Configuration Guides.


Need Support or Help? Reminder you can always email OR you can visit the portal and submit your question.


Google Analytics Feature Enhancement

Based on customer feedback, we have updated the Google Analytics tracking configuration options in our tiles.*  This enhancement includes an update to the configuration panel that will allow administrators to give each tile a "nickname." This nickname will make it easier for you to clearly identify which tile is being tracked in your Google Analytics reporting. This is especially useful if you are using multiple tiles on your pages, particularly if they are the same tile. 


Check out the example below to see the new configuration option:

*See release notes for list of tiles that have the current GA feature.


DPP Update

ICYMI: We also recently re-branded our data privacy tool from the "GDPR Addon" to the Data Privacy Pack.


If you are not familiar with our data privacy protection product check out the overview here: Re-Introducing the Data Privacy Pack


Coming Soon: Event Tile!

We are also very excited that our newest Event Tile for Jive is almost ready! See below for a short overview of the tile and stay tuned for updates on when it will be available for purchase.


Looking for more options to events in your community? We've got the tile for you.

Our customizable Event Tile allows you to display current and upcoming events on the both the community homepage or landing page. It's configurable to show filters by event categories and tags, as well as organize multiple tabbed pages of events coming from one or more places.


We launched our GDPR extension product for Jive and Khoros JX in 2018 when the GDPR legislation first came into effect. This product was designed to ensure that as Jive community administrators you can easily respond to any data requests from your community members.


Protecting the privacy of your community members is a growing concern for many community managers and administrators. Adhering to privacy policies and laws is top of mind now more than ever.  For instance, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is data privacy legislation which creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses (source, & more on CCPA). CCPA went into effect on January 1, 2020. 


In response to this new policy, as well as a growing awareness of our data and privacy in online communities, we have re-branded our GDPR Product to the Data Privacy Pack (DPP).




DPP allows Jive community administrators to manage and respond quickly to any data concerns or requests, DPP also gives your community members the ability to the ability to request, anonymize, or withdraw consent to their personal data. DPP was built observing the Privacy-by-Design concept, and will ensure your Jive instance is ready to meet the regulations and simplify the ongoing management of compliance including:

  • The right to be forgotten
  • The right to consent and withdraw consent
  • The right to access your data
  • Data portability


Once purchased, DPP is simply installed as an Add-On to your Jive instance, and its features include:

  • Self Service User Data Retrieval, which gives your community members the ability to extract, anonymize, or delete their data.

DPP data request CTAs on profile page (member view)


  • Administrative tools designed to allow you to easily, and quickly respond to and manage user data requests.

DPP Configuration Panel (administrator view)

Interested in learning more about DPP or other products for Jive communities? Visit our website or send us an email to connect:

We've recently updated our Accordion & Blog Tiles.  The Accordion Tile, which was included as part of our CMAD 2019 promo has just been enhanced based on our customer feedback for the 2.0 release!


Check out the details below for a summary of some of the enhancements to our Accordion Tile.   For full release details, and information on the Blog Tile maintenance release check out the Release Notes.


Accordion 2.0 Updates & Enhancements

We have made a few updates to the settings of Accordion so you have more control over the display of the tile, allowing you to have more control on the design on this versatile tile.


Customize the band height setting.

  • Admins can now set the height of the band height in the tile, this allows you to set a height that better matches the font size and overall look and feel of the tile.  Check out the examples below:



Example with narrow headers (height set in Advanced Settings).

Example with wider headers (height set in Advanced Settings).


Header Padding adjustments.

  • We have also adjusted the settings so that there is no longer additional padding if your header items do not have an icon. The copy will now shift to the left if you have no icons selected.



Before: Padding was forced on Header with no icon.

Updated: Header now is pushed left to line up with other headers.


There's more!!

A few other enhancements to note:


  • Google Analytics Tracking - Administrators can add Google Analytics tracking to get advanced insight into interaction with the tile. The new analytics configuration supports either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.
  • Custom HTML/CSS section above and below tile - Previously, HTML/CSS could only be added above the tile. Now, there is an additional  configuration to add content below the results.
  • Icon Preview - Font Awesome icons are now displayed in a preview, so you can view before you publish.



For full release details and information on the Accordion 2.0 release, and the Blog Tile maintenance release check out the Release Notes.

We recently made updates to two of our most popular tiles: Search & Mosaic. The post below highlights some of the new feature enhancements.


If you have purchased your tiles from the Social Edge store, you will receive an email notification with your download information. For our SOW customers, we will reach out to you directly with your download information.


For a full list of all updates, enhancements and bug fixes, please check out the latest release notes over at the Products by Social Edge Store.


Search & Mosaic updates

Both Search and Mosaic have the following enhancements in this release:


Custom HTML/CSS can now be added below the tiles.

While the ability to add HTML headers has always been available, you now have the flexibility to add custom HTML beneath the tiles as well. This gives admins more room to add introductory messages, calls to action and other information above and below the tile. This extra room for HTML is especially useful on the Jive News/Homepage where you are limited to how many tiles you can use in the top hero sections.


Add your custom HTML both above and below your tiles if you want to get crazy!!


Mosaic exExample Mosaic Tile with HTML configured above and below the tile

Google Analytics Tracking. 

Administrators can add Google Analytics tracking to get advanced insight into interaction with the tile. The new analytics configuration supports either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. We have been rolling this out on most of our tiles, so we are pleased to now have this functionality available on Mosaic.


Search 2.0 Highlights

The Search tile also has some enhancements that we are excited about - check out a few of the major ones below.


New Configuration option to add a CTA to "Post a Question"

To make the Search tile even easier to configure, we have created a configuration option to allow admins to quickly and easily add in a button to post a new question at the bottom of the results.  You no longer need to add HTML to achieve this!


New Footer Configuration Options


Additional search results panels.

We've increased the number of results panels from three to ten.  Admins can now add more results panels to help users find the right results.

Additional Search Result Tabs


Places & People are now included in the results.

You can now configure the tile to search for People and Places in addition to the content results. In the configuration panel, you can choose to display all three (Content, People & Places) or select which one(s) you prefer.

Example Results showing People, Places, and Content


Other Search Tile updates:

  • Structured outcomes are optionally visible in results
  • Configuration option added to open results in a new window
  • Configuration option updated to allow admins to configure the width of the input box
  • New option to adjust the tile margins
  • For a full list check out the Release Notes
Erin Haines

Join the Social Edge Team!

Posted by Erin Haines Mar 31, 2015

Social Edge Consulting is Hiring!


We are looking for new team members who are enthusiastic about Jive, love to collaborate with different people and different workstyles and want to be part of the fun that is Social Edge.  We currently have two opportunities open, so if you are passionate about design or the implementation of Jive check out the postings below.


We’re thrilled to announce that Jive has awarded us their Consulting Partner MVP of the Year Award (2013). We were chosen because of our close collaboration with Jive to drive customer success and help organizations achieve real business value from their Jive communities.

For more information, see our press release, and check back next week when our president, Andrew Kratz, shares his thoughts on what this award means to Social Edge. Thanks to Jive Software for this great honor, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership even more in 2014.


Social Edge President Andrew Kratz with tina.jones VP of Global Alliances, Jive Software


Social Edge is going to Jive World! In just 10 days, the SE team will be heading to Las Vegas to participate in The specified item was not found. There's a lot of us attending, so we'll be a tough crew to miss!

Get Real

This will be my third trip to Jive World, and my first with the Social Edge team. As someone who's a veteran to the Jive scene, I'm amazed at how every year there's something new to learn at the conference. Whether you are just starting on your social business journey, or are running a mature community, Jive World presents an opportunity to connect with other community management experts. Evangelists and first timers are all willing to share their experiences. No matter where you are - in a session, at the running club, a networking event, or just hanging at the Chandelier - you will hear the real stories of social business success.


Eat. Sleep. Collaborate.

Come talk Jive with us! If you want to learn more about Social Edge Consulting, or just talk social, you can find us at our booth at G3 in the Sponsor Expo Hall. Or look for us roaming the halls of the Cosmopolitan - we will be easy to spot, as we will all be wearing pins sporting our motto: "Eat. Sleep. Collaborate." Also, be sure to follow us and join in on the action at @social_edge. We will be live tweeting throughout the conference with all the latest developments.