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2 Posts authored by: Andrew Kratz

These past few weeks have seen several new sales of EdgePack for Jive. Welcome to the new clients who now own EdgePack!


These new sales of EdgePack may be driven in part by this unique business environment. We’re hearing from most of our clients that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a renewed and deep interest in their communities. Their employee bases are working from home (#WFH) and looking for better ways to connect with colleagues and get their work done.


Organizations that are embracing the digital workplace can leverage this moment to create a better work environment not only from home but in the office when we return to it.


Clients have demonstrated that our EdgePack tiles allow them to more easily refresh their communities on their own or distribute them out to their space and group owners. Here are a few quotes from our EdgePack client owners:


“Social Edge has developed some great tiles that help fill some of the gaps, including a Blog Tile that we use (and love!)” Maren Beckmen, Senior Global Community Manager, Pearson 

“You make me look like a rockstar every day with your beautiful tiles!” Tracy Maurer, Community and Knowledge Manager, Commvault


“Visual tool for storytelling! The mosaic tile has been a huge hit in our community, Neo. It's a great visual for sharing stories and highlighting top stories in our community. The tile configuration itself is really user friendly.” - Dina Vekaria, Senior Global Community Manager, Pearson


We’re now just seven new clients away from adding the Event Tile to EdgePack at no additional cost! For more information on our “12 for 12” program, click here.


There are currently eleven tiles in EdgePack for $10K per year, and the Event Tile will be the twelfth.


Anything you can do to spread the word to your colleagues about this initiative will be a huge help.


Thank you so much and be safe!


Andrew Kratz

Social Edge Consulting

I have seen a couple of questions in the JC regarding TemboSocial Recognition from a couple of Jive clients I know ( susan_rubio, Kristen.Ritter and england_k).  So I wanted to create a quick write up on what I am seeing and the value I think it can add and organization as we have been using it at Social Edge.  For us at Social Edge, we work closely with clients on their Jive implementations and they often ask us our viewpoint on various products and how to create specific business outcomes.  So when we see a solution that fills a need in a compelling way we happily talk about it with clients. From a business perspective, it makes sense for us to then take the next step and form a partnership with the company.  So we do have that relationship with Tembo and are proud of it.  I did just want to disclose that quickly.


So what are we seeing:


  • The ability to provide peer to peer recognition within your Jive community is very robust and textured:
  • You can configure the categories of praise with text and images of your choosing as shown below



  • The product has three widgets that you can use in places and the home page.  
  • Showing these on the home page give employees their "15 min of fame" which is powerful and helps adoption. 
  • Below we have a space that is a "center of excellence" around all of our recognition.   We call our program can call yours whatever you like.



I think one of the most important parts is the integration inside the profile.  Below I am showing my own profile where you can look at the recognition sent and receive (you can see any users kudos).  So by looking at this you can ask a few questions about the person.  What are people thanking this person for? Big achievements? going the extra mile? delighting a client?  Is this person giving (being a thankful team member) as well as receiving (are they helping others).   Suddenly, simple 'thank you's", which are powerful on their own, are now part of a talent and performance conversation on how a person operates inside a larger team.



Finally, There are a number of integration extras that are a big help to keep this top of mind and frictionless:

  • The ability to create a Kudo/thank you from anywhere as it is integrated into the action menu

  • An email summary for those involved in a Kudo/thank you.
  • The Kudo is part of the activity stream so that you can comment, like, share etc...
  • A separate admin console tool to configure and change the implementation.



So overall, it feels light and non-intrusive while being well integrated into your community.  In the end,  it is a modern way to recognize employees as well as add to their talent profile footprint inside the organization.  I hope this is helpful.


Andrew Kratz

Social Edge Consulting