Erin Haines

Tiles by Social Edge Updates & Enhancements

Blog Post created by Erin Haines on Feb 10, 2020

The Social Edge product team has been busy the last few months making, updating and innovating on some of our most popular products. If you are a current tile/product customer, or just want to learn more about what we are up to, check out the highlights of some of our latest releases below.



Tile Update Highlights

Recent Releases

We've updated eight of our Tiles for Jive. These releases include general bug fixes as well as enhancements based on the feedback we have received from our current customers. Customers can check out the Release Notes.


Product User Guides & Support

We've moved our user guides and support documentation to an online portal. The guides for all 11 tiles included in EdgePack for Jive can now be accessed on-demand and will show the latest versions. No more PDFs to have to sift through and download! Browse through the general guides (e.g. how to install your tile, how to copy your tile's configuration) or dive into individual tile configuration guides.

Check out the online Tile Configuration Guides.


Need Support or Help? Reminder you can always email OR you can visit the portal and submit your question.


Google Analytics Feature Enhancement

Based on customer feedback, we have updated the Google Analytics tracking configuration options in our tiles.*  This enhancement includes an update to the configuration panel that will allow administrators to give each tile a "nickname." This nickname will make it easier for you to clearly identify which tile is being tracked in your Google Analytics reporting. This is especially useful if you are using multiple tiles on your pages, particularly if they are the same tile. 


Check out the example below to see the new configuration option:

*See release notes for list of tiles that have the current GA feature.


DPP Update

ICYMI: We also recently re-branded our data privacy tool from the "GDPR Addon" to the Data Privacy Pack.


If you are not familiar with our data privacy protection product check out the overview here: Re-Introducing the Data Privacy Pack


Coming Soon: Event Tile!

We are also very excited that our newest Event Tile for Jive is almost ready! See below for a short overview of the tile and stay tuned for updates on when it will be available for purchase.


Looking for more options to events in your community? We've got the tile for you.

Our customizable Event Tile allows you to display current and upcoming events on the both the community homepage or landing page. It's configurable to show filters by event categories and tags, as well as organize multiple tabbed pages of events coming from one or more places.