Erin Haines

TBSE Updates: Search & Mosaic 2.0 are here!

Blog Post created by Erin Haines on Jul 24, 2019

We recently made updates to two of our most popular tiles: Search & Mosaic. The post below highlights some of the new feature enhancements.


If you have purchased your tiles from the Social Edge store, you will receive an email notification with your download information. For our SOW customers, we will reach out to you directly with your download information.


For a full list of all updates, enhancements and bug fixes, please check out the latest release notes over at the Products by Social Edge Store.


Search & Mosaic updates

Both Search and Mosaic have the following enhancements in this release:


Custom HTML/CSS can now be added below the tiles.

While the ability to add HTML headers has always been available, you now have the flexibility to add custom HTML beneath the tiles as well. This gives admins more room to add introductory messages, calls to action and other information above and below the tile. This extra room for HTML is especially useful on the Jive News/Homepage where you are limited to how many tiles you can use in the top hero sections.


Add your custom HTML both above and below your tiles if you want to get crazy!!


Mosaic exExample Mosaic Tile with HTML configured above and below the tile

Google Analytics Tracking. 

Administrators can add Google Analytics tracking to get advanced insight into interaction with the tile. The new analytics configuration supports either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. We have been rolling this out on most of our tiles, so we are pleased to now have this functionality available on Mosaic.


Search 2.0 Highlights

The Search tile also has some enhancements that we are excited about - check out a few of the major ones below.


New Configuration option to add a CTA to "Post a Question"

To make the Search tile even easier to configure, we have created a configuration option to allow admins to quickly and easily add in a button to post a new question at the bottom of the results.  You no longer need to add HTML to achieve this!


New Footer Configuration Options


Additional search results panels.

We've increased the number of results panels from three to ten.  Admins can now add more results panels to help users find the right results.

Additional Search Result Tabs


Places & People are now included in the results.

You can now configure the tile to search for People and Places in addition to the content results. In the configuration panel, you can choose to display all three (Content, People & Places) or select which one(s) you prefer.

Example Results showing People, Places, and Content


Other Search Tile updates:

  • Structured outcomes are optionally visible in results
  • Configuration option added to open results in a new window
  • Configuration option updated to allow admins to configure the width of the input box
  • New option to adjust the tile margins
  • For a full list check out the Release Notes