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Creating a successful online community – internal or external – comes with a healthy mix of vision, company goals and other internal drivers. At Social Edge, we help our customers meet these important objectives when working together to build and support online communities.  Sometimes, however, aggressive timelines result in downplaying the importance of (or skipping altogether) testing and understanding usability as part of a beta phase prior to the official launch.  Internally, we refer to this as building a community in a bubble.


Collecting user feedback is critical to 1) ensuring your launch is on track to meeting the original objectives set and 2) understanding how your users respond to the experience you are creating.  Tools like TemboSocial's Polls & Surveys are great for gaining deeper insights into community trends and to determine if users are engaged in the overall experience – both during a beta phase of a community launch and as an ongoing initiative.


The notion of sharing a quick poll or survey to collect feedback might sound underwhelming at first, but the learnings from the data collected can go a long way towards building engagement strategies, increasing community participation and driving long term business value for both community members and owners. Here are several examples of how value-add tools drive greater business impact to existing Jive communities:


Building Engagement Strategies

  • Identifying if employees buy into the corporate values
  • Understanding if the corporate values are aligned with the goals of the employees

Increasing Community Participation

  • Moving employees from content absorbers (or passive readers) to active community contributors which in turn drives more value to your community

Creating Long Term Business Value

  • Educate employees about products, strategy and more, plus gauge employee understanding to help power future education/training topics
  • Detailed reporting to show insights of where to invest in order to retain their most important assets: the employees


Whether launching a brand new customer community or strengthening a thriving social intranet, user input tools such as Polls & Surveys are a necessary value-add for a more user-focused and engaged experience.


Social Edge Consulting is a consulting firm that partners exclusively with Jive Software. We offer community management, strategy, UI/UX and custom development services for your internal and external Jive communities. Our thanks to the [ARCHIVE] TemboSocial team especially Kevin Butler and justinadukelow, for working with us on this.