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Social Edge Consulting has a super exciting new product to share with you: The Mosaic widget. What is this exactly, you ask? It's a snazzy custom-developed Jive HTML widget that displays visual content and text in a responsive masonry layout. Treat your eyes to an enticing visual display on any of your Jive Community home pages. The clickable images automatically rearrange to stack perfectly, no matter how wide your users' screens are. It's engaging, easy-to-use, customizable and a beautiful way to visually highlight news and content from your community. Check it out!



Our entire team will be available at The specified item was not found. at booth G3 to answer any questions you may have about the widget, including design specifications and pricing. We are so thrilled to share this product with you, and look forward to chatting!


If you won't be in attendance at JiveWorld13, stay tuned for more screenshots and demos in the Jive Community.

As The specified item was not found., we are always looking for new and engaging ways to not only get our users excited about collaborating in Jive communities, but also ensuring they know how to use each feature. After designing a Getting Started space and creating written material, we've found that having a selection of custom-made training videos is key to successful user training and community engagement.


There is no question that people enjoy watching videos. Looking to the world of social media as an example - we find stats like:

  • "Videos are shared 12x more than links & text posts combined"
  • "Viewers spend 100% more time on pages having Videos"
  • "Around 700 YouTube videos are uploaded and shared every minute." *


Some of the reasons we love to use videos in our Jive training include:

  • videos are visually engaging
  • users can get the information when they want it
  • users can learn at their own pace
  • onsite, hands on training is not always possible - videos can be there where you can't


Social Edge offers custom training videos showcasing your community and focusing on the topics that relate to how your community is used. Below is an example of a custom video that was created for training inside our own Jive partner community, Edgeville.



If you are interested in having custom training videos created for your internal or external community, or would like to learn more, please contact us for details.




Social Edge is going to Jive World! In just 10 days, the SE team will be heading to Las Vegas to participate in The specified item was not found. There's a lot of us attending, so we'll be a tough crew to miss!

Get Real

This will be my third trip to Jive World, and my first with the Social Edge team. As someone who's a veteran to the Jive scene, I'm amazed at how every year there's something new to learn at the conference. Whether you are just starting on your social business journey, or are running a mature community, Jive World presents an opportunity to connect with other community management experts. Evangelists and first timers are all willing to share their experiences. No matter where you are - in a session, at the running club, a networking event, or just hanging at the Chandelier - you will hear the real stories of social business success.


Eat. Sleep. Collaborate.

Come talk Jive with us! If you want to learn more about Social Edge Consulting, or just talk social, you can find us at our booth at G3 in the Sponsor Expo Hall. Or look for us roaming the halls of the Cosmopolitan - we will be easy to spot, as we will all be wearing pins sporting our motto: "Eat. Sleep. Collaborate." Also, be sure to follow us and join in on the action at @social_edge. We will be live tweeting throughout the conference with all the latest developments.