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Are you using Jive software and looking for a possibility to give users structured access to knowledge and the ability to collaborate and learn on one platform? Then we invite you to join us for a webinar and learn more about Pokeshot///SmarterPath!


Pokeshot///SmarterPath is a product which is seamlessly integrated into Jive. It approaches learning as an on-going experience applying principles of learning from one another to get work done.

With this social learning tool it´s very easy for training creators to build
interactive and individualized courses helping users to stay up to date and progress through courses on the go with its mobile feature.
Your employees don´t need to switch between different platforms or log in twice. All learning material can be presented in your Jive ecosystem to support you in promoting enrollment and encourage users to collaborate while taking a course using the familiar features of Jive.


Join our webinar and find out the power of Pokeshot///SmarterPath:


  • Increased Jive User Adoption By Using Familiar Features
  • Individual Training Through Focused Information On Demand
  • Knowledge Sharing And Expanding Network
  • Easy Collaboration With Peers And Instructors During Course Trainings
  • Simple Creation Of ILT Courses When Blended Learning Approach Required


All those elements will help you to increase productivity and maximize your investments in Jive as well as contribute to revenue growth through meaningful training bringing your employees competence and motivation on a different level.


Learn more about this powerful social learning solution SmarterPath and join us for a short and free webinar!

For more information and registration, please follow the link.



If you’re thinking about creating an online meaningful and effective learning and integrating it into your Jive community,

then it's worth joining us for a short webinar this month about SmarterPath.


Our Jive certified Social Learning Solution SmarterPath is seamlessly integrated into Jive and encourages collaboration
and knowledge sharing
on the platform. One of many advantages of SmarterPath is that training creators will be able to leverage
content directly from Jive as well as use other internal and external resources to customize their courses. Employees can complete
training directly at their workplace without switching between platforms and on top they will be able to actively connect and
collaborate with peers and instructors using the familiar features of Jive.


During the session you will learn how to

  • Structure and Monitor Self-Paced Online-Based Training
  • Build an ILT course when blended learning approach required
  • Challenge and Reward your learners via assessments and quests
  • Integrate your learning processes into your Jive ecosystem
  • Encourage users to share knowledge and collaborate while taking a course
  • Increase Jive User Adoption by using familiar features


All those elements have the power to increase online learner participation and to save time & money for your organization.


We can help  you to piece together modern online and blended training for your learners with SmarterPath!

Please join us for a short and free webinar!


For more information and registration, please follow the link.