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This is the fourth in a series of blog posts that will focus on answering the question "what is the long-term future of Jive?"   In this blog post, I'll continue exploring the future of Jive - a future based on a core technology we call PeopleGraph.   For those of you who joined us in Munich or New Orleans for Aurea Experience '18, I want to… (Show more)
                Founded in 1999 in Austria, IT consultancy and service provider Qualysoft helps businesses manage digital transformations and disrupt their IT infrastructure through cutting-edge technologies in areas like customer experience management, application services, e-government and resource management. Of course, this kind of work is a… (Show more)
Does simultaneously increasing sales, aligning marketing campaigns and improving customer service sound like utopia? Synergy Consultants, a CRM project management consultancy based in Kelkheim and Lüneburg, Germany, achieves exactly this for its clients. Since its first projects dating back to 1999, Synergy Consultants has helped clients gain more… (Show more)