• Jive 8 Browser Support - not updated?

    Hi,   When looking to see which browsers are supported by Jive 8, I see this list -  Core Help It seems somehow outdated in the Safari and iOS area. Could it be out of date?   Thanks Roy
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  • How to Retervie the Data(ex: Contents) from Jive Instance (Cloud)

    Hi All,   I am new to Jive and currently I am doing POC on it. We have Jive Cloud Instance Access and my current poc to retrieve the data from Jive Instance using the API calls provided .Can some one help me out on ...
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  • A way to see only Discussions?

    When I'm at the front page of a Place (space or group), is there a way to filter the view so that I only see "Discussion" content?   Or for that matter, only Video content? Or only Polls and Events? Basically filter...
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  • jQuery, JavaScript, familiarity with the OpenSocial web standard need to find this training

    jQuery, JavaScript, familiarity with the OpenSocial web standard   This is a pre-req for the session 2 under the hood session, and I would like to take it, any idea where I can take that at? Thanks, Nancy
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  • Custom Font family

    Our company uses a fairly obscure font family, AkzidenzGrotesk. Does anyone know if it is possible to install a custom font?
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  • Webex help: converting wrf to wmv

    Hoping one of you can help or point us in the right direction, though this is probably not a Jive issue (though if we could upload wrf that would help). We‘ve recently created a number of videos using webex and then h...
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  • Is it possible to receive notifications (via email or in the community) when a task has been edited?

    James Ungerer, I have a user who would like to be immediately notified when a task in a followed project has been created, edited, etc. He is not the owner of the project nor has the task been assigned to him. He want...
    Kate Bellard
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  • Where can I learn about toggling?

    I need to create toggled tabs in a new learning group and need some help. Do you have any documentation or videos that explain toggling?
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  • Will there be an ability to edit the cateogry of a document without editing the actual document?

    I have a similar question but different... is there an option to edit categories of a document without going into edit mode in future releases? We are currently on Jive 6.0 and while you can easily add/remove tags fro...
    Susan Carter
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  • Content Hierarchy: When to create a Group rather than a Space

    What are the best criteria to use to make the distinction between a Group and a Space? I feel that I can get pretty much everything in the Group, so why make the space? I'm trying to determine if I need both for Speci...
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  • What Impact Metrics can an Author Share?

    There is a reference to an author of a piece of content being able to share some of the impact metrics?  How can the author share this?  What information is shared?  And, specifically, is who viewed the author's conte...
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  • Online Status for myself and followers

    Can I see which users are online? How do I check that I am online?
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  • permission levels for people groups

    Hi - I have a user who is a part of a group (admin console) with view permission and also a part of another group with create permission for the same space. Which permission level would supersede at this point in time?
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  • What is the differences between being a follower and a Member?

    I need to provide this answer to one of my clients. as well as: what is the differenece between space, subspace, and group
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  • I cannot upload any picture on group.

    Hi, Today I'm trying to upload picture on group but it show error like "An error occurred performing this operation". How can I do with this issue? Thank you
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  • Is there a way to share content to all users without selecting each individual person?

    Our organization is looking to move away from sending mass email updates and looking to utilize Jive more for communication. With that being said, we still would like to have an option to notify employees that the com...
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  • Can we remove place templates globally?

    Is there any way to eliminate individual place templates globally as opposed to a space-by-space basis?   James Ungerer
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  • Gamfiication use of point categories

    Hello,   I was wondering if it was possible to create a separate point system within the gamification module.  I'd like to gamify one of my spaces where employees can earn points on certain activities.  At the end of...
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  • Groups - Allow anyone to comment, but not create content

    Is there a group type (Open, Members Only, Private, etc.) that allows anyone in the community to comment on/reply to content, but not create content like Documents, Discussions, etc.?
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  • Can I tag a space?

    And if so, how?
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