• HTML Widget: How to add column filters and search capability to any jive table on an overview page.

    This solution is not supported by Aurea. And it will not work with tiles - only widgets. The Problem  Users need the ability to column-filter and search across large tables and also maintain the ability to edit the ...
    Michelle Gantt
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  • HTML Widget: How to Create a Stock Widget

    Introduction If you want to add a near real-time stock widget to your site, copy, modify, and paste this into an HTML widget. The code uses the Jive native jQuery library to pull JSONP data from yahoo using their YQL ...
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  • Its possible to hide a custom widget in base on a condition, permission or any user properties?

    I need to show or hide a custom widget in base on a condition, permission or any user properties. Now when user have not permission to see this widget, the content is not displayed but the header and borders of the wi...
    created by j.chirapozu
  • Updated Widget causes " 502 Proxy Error"

    Hi,   we have developed a widget within a plugin that we use on the overview page. Everything was working fine on Jive 7 and 8, until we upgraded to Jive 9 (we are hosted). Before upgrading from 8 to 9, we have unins...
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  • issues while developing action plugin on Jive 8

    Hi All,   As per the steps given in https://community.aurea.com/docs/DOC-3273#comment-2725678 I created an action plugin on Jive 8 local instance on mac os. But the ui does not comes up after uploading the plugin j...
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  • Custom widget Development

    Hi   I want to develop a custom widget, which should be as drag and drop in all overview pages?   Can anyone help me on this? Ryan RutanPawan Shah   Thanks, Spoorthy
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  • unable to see the welcome page in jive8

    Please find the error logs below,   09 Sep 2016 10:13:17,494 [http-nio-] [:admin] ERROR interceptor.ExceptionMappingInterceptor - java.lang.NullPointerException         at java.util.concurrent....
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  • How to display list of projects in a container(space or group) on custom Widget

    Hi,   I have problem in listing all project in a container(space/group) by custom widget development and I checked Jive API Project Manager.java and it does not have any method which gets container as parameter. Hel...
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  • Need User Info in HTML Widget

    I need to grab current user first, last name and email for use in an HTML widget. Is there a way to do this with JavaScript and REST or will I need to create a custom widget?   I thought I would ask before figuring o...
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  • HTML Widget: How to Create a Content Slider

    6-2-2016 - A new open sourced version of the content slider has been released and is available here: UX Widgets   Introduction Content Sliders aka "Image Sliders" are an easy way to condense alot of information into ...
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  • How customization can be done in JiveOn environment?

    Hello All,   I am aware about customization extensions way in Jive SBS module but how customization can be done in JiveOn webapp/portal. Can someone help me on this or is it similar to jive sbs customization techniqu...
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  • Widgets: Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to questions on developing and manipulating widgets. What is a widget? Widgets provide a way for administrators to customize the space, project, social group and system homepages (overview tab) and gives end u...
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  • Jive Hosting Environment Development

    Hi all, Ryan King, Scott A Johnson I am learning jive hosting environment theme development and plugin development.So on learning process i did some examples on closure templates (Hello World Using Java and Javascr...
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  • picture_carousel_widget.js

    Picture Carousel Widget JavaScript Library"
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  • Picture Carousel Widget CSS Library

    Picture Carousel Widget CSS Library
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  • picture_carousel_widget_builder

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  • Can someone share an example to implement rest web services in jive 7 Plugin!

    Hello,   I had implemented a restful web service using jax ws in my plugin code as given in the community :Building your own web service   While migrating this plugin to jive 7 the web services are not working. I ha...
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  • HTML / Java dropdown menu

    Hello all   Sorry if this isnt the right area in which to ask (feel free to relocate):   I'm attempting to build a very simple horizontal dropdown menu to place in a html widget. My skills are - lets just say at be...
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  • JavaScript Search Widget for 5.0

    Usecase: Visual: Code: Example: Usecase: For Admins to provide a quick search widget to automatically select the place, person or content type that needs to be filtered on. Use an HTML widget on an ove...
    Curtis Gross
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  • HTML Widget: How to Create an Advanced Search

    2-1-2016 - A new open sourced version of the Accordion is now available here: UX Widgets   Introduction One of my users had the need to be able to perform "advanced search" queries within an internal resume space. T...
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