• Creating Aspect proxy in plugin

    Hi How to create Aspect which can be deployed as plugin. I have tried both Spring and AspectJ style and the proxy method never gets call.What i am trying to do is read for captcha value when service calls happens to ...
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  • Is there any way to upload batch search synonyms?

    Hi, We have an requirement to add extensive list of multiple content synonyms to configure. Do we have any endpoints API to add search synonyms?   Also I am looking for the database table where the synonyms get sto...
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  • Using PHP CURL to invoke jive REST services

    Hi   Here is an example of how to create a discussion using CURL request to the JIVE API3 REST services, here is my PHP file content:     Hope this helps someone anytime!
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  • OSAPI Search query issue

    Hi Folks,     Can anyone help me to identify why my #1 javascript search works and #2 does not render any data? Only the type and subtypes are changed.   1) This works fine for me.   var searchQ = { "search": quer...
    Raj Vachhani
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  • Need User Info in HTML Widget

    I need to grab current user first, last name and email for use in an HTML widget. Is there a way to do this with JavaScript and REST or will I need to create a custom widget?   I thought I would ask before figuring o...
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  • Jive app authentification for a custom web service

    When making a request from an app using the core API we can use the current logged user credential on the backend even when our app security is "Single subdomain".  All request seems to processed by "/social/rpc".   W...
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  • content soy file in Plugin

    Hi all, Ryan King I have created HelloWorld Plugin.I want to access the content.soy(/themes/src/main/themes/MyTheme/soy/place/content.soy) in my HelloWorld plugin.Please provide any Information.   Thank you, Narsi
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  • Jive Hosting Environment Development

    Hi all, Ryan King, Scott A Johnson I am learning jive hosting environment theme development and plugin development.So on learning process i did some examples on closure templates (Hello World Using Java and Javascr...
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  • Setup login for a specific space

    Needing to know how/if one can setup a space that requires login before articles can be viewed?  Meaning they have access to the community but we want to quarantine off a section of documents for specific access.
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  • How to access Database from jive custom plugin

    Hi,   We are developing custom plugin in jive hosted environment to access the database(PostgreSQL) . Following are the steps we did by following the document Accessing the Database from a Plugin 1. changed in schem...
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  • How to access the database from jive plugin?

    Hi   How to access the database(PostgreSQL) from jive custom plugin? could anyone give the example or steps to follow.   Joey LeviPawan ShahRyan Rutan   Thanks Spoorthy.
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  • Can someone share an example to implement rest web services in jive 7 Plugin!

    Hello,   I had implemented a restful web service using jax ws in my plugin code as given in the community :Building your own web service   While migrating this plugin to jive 7 the web services are not working. I ha...
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  • Is there any standard document / process of adding components in Jive cache ?

    Jive Developers Jive Plugin Developer   Hi folks,   I am looking for any standard document / process of adding components(new content) in Jive cache ? I am working on Jive 7 and 8. we want to add new content in ca...
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  • How to consume existing Jive REST API within Plugin and tile?

    Jive Developers Jive Plugin Developer I am working on Jive 8. I am looking for any standard process of consuming Jive REST API within Plugin and tile ? Any sample code would really be helpful.
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  • Consuming Jive REST API

    Introduction  I was looking for data migration capabilities from an external system into Jive. The first thing that came up was using the REST API. Which makes absolutely sense because the data contains also document...
    Guido Hofmann
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  • Unable to create binary files in draft status.

    We are seeing the following in the logs. We are suspicious that this is related to the Box integration but would love to get official confirmation about this. 2014-05-23 10:50:18,349 [http-nio-] [...
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  • How to consume SOAP Webservice and render the response-data in Jive UI for the users..?

    Hi All,     I have a requirement that i need to consume SOAP Webservice and render the response-data in Jive UI for the users. I have XML based WSDL file with me. Any guidance and support/Reference from the develope...
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  • HTML Widget - How to allow iframe, style, script

    We have the option to add an HTML container (image 1) to the place/group, but unfortunately everything with a tag etc is removed. This is a system setting that can be changed. My question are we going to allow these ...
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  • Do you know Jive-Fu?

    I'm not going to drag this announcement out, as I've been waiting far too long to bring something like this to the Jive Developer community!   What is Jive-Fu?  Jive-Fu is a reference plugin that I have put together ...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • How to implement REST services for a custom content type in Jive 6?

    I'm creating a new content type and I am basing most of it on the Document/DbDocument code that Jive core uses.   I've got the struts action configured and the soy templates to display the input form and load all the...
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