• "Unable to retrieve a database connection as the connection pool" error after plugin is deployed

    Hi,   I have a custom plugin that creates a new table via the schema.xml. After deployment and on startup, the front end doesn't render- just a white screen. In Sbs.log, I see errors related to not getting a db conne...
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  • issues while developing action plugin on Jive 8

    Hi All,   As per the steps given in https://community.aurea.com/docs/DOC-3273#comment-2725678 I created an action plugin on Jive 8 local instance on mac os. But the ui does not comes up after uploading the plugin j...
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  • Building Actions

    You can build plugins that enhance Jive SBS with links to new functionality, additions to the admin console, and additions to the end user UI.   Action plugins incorporate Struts actions, in which a user gesture (suc...
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  • Custom widget Development

    Hi   I want to develop a custom widget, which should be as drag and drop in all overview pages?   Can anyone help me on this? Ryan RutanPawan Shah   Thanks, Spoorthy
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  • unable to see the welcome page in jive8

    Please find the error logs below,   09 Sep 2016 10:13:17,494 [http-nio-] [:admin] ERROR interceptor.ExceptionMappingInterceptor - java.lang.NullPointerException         at java.util.concurrent....
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  • How to display list of projects in a container(space or group) on custom Widget

    Hi,   I have problem in listing all project in a container(space/group) by custom widget development and I checked Jive API Project Manager.java and it does not have any method which gets container as parameter. Hel...
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  • content soy file in Plugin

    Hi all, Ryan King I have created HelloWorld Plugin.I want to access the content.soy(/themes/src/main/themes/MyTheme/soy/place/content.soy) in my HelloWorld plugin.Please provide any Information.   Thank you, Narsi
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  • Jive Hosting Environment Development

    Hi all, Ryan King, Scott A Johnson I am learning jive hosting environment theme development and plugin development.So on learning process i did some examples on closure templates (Hello World Using Java and Javascr...
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  • How to access Database from jive custom plugin

    Hi,   We are developing custom plugin in jive hosted environment to access the database(PostgreSQL) . Following are the steps we did by following the document Accessing the Database from a Plugin 1. changed in schem...
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  • How to add custom macros in jive-macros.ftl file using plugin for jive8

    Hi, Ryan King we are migrating gamification plug-in from jive 7 to jive 8.   we have created common macros that will use in all jive pages. As per our understanding, jive-macros.ftl file contains all common macros...
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  • Issue on struts action

    Hi everyone,   I am using a simple struts action:               /template/global/test.ftl             I am successfully navigated to test.ftl using this action: http://localhost:8080/export-space-followers!inp...
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  • Do you know Jive-Fu?

    I'm not going to drag this announcement out, as I've been waiting far too long to bring something like this to the Jive Developer community!   What is Jive-Fu?  Jive-Fu is a reference plugin that I have put together ...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Trying to extend the login action

    Hi all,   After setting up (successfully ) a local Jive instance, I try to develop a plugin for Jive sbs 8. I'm very new to Jive and some accompanied techniques. After reading tutorial after tutorial I've reached a ...
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  • Jive showing up properties file during action.

    Hi All, I am facing one weird issue with Jive . On click of link I load self submitting action FTL page which calls up another url of application B via java code & seamlessly logins into that application B from Jive ...
  • Custom Content Type creation in Jive 7

    Hi, I am trying to create a plugin to create a custom content type. Since i am new to this , can comebody please help me by providing a sample plugin which will create a custom content type using Jive 7.   Regards,...
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  • Override login action in jive 7

    I'm not able to override login action in my plugin's struts.xml                         /resources/templates/login.ftl     ...
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  • Can't find the bean CreateDocumentDataBean.java

    Hi,   I'm looking at the source http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive_sbs/6.0.1/soydiff/WEB-INF/classes/soy/content/documents/create.html and can't find the java file CreateDocumentDataBean in jive source.   Probably I'...
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  • How to customise(override) Jive user profile

    I am using jive 6 .When user logged in i will ask him he want to show his status level point or not if he select Yes then we will status level point in his user profile or if select no then we don't want to show him/...
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  • Struts Actions not recognized in Jive 7?

    Is anyone else having a problem where struts actions aren't being recognized in Jive 7?   As an example, in Jive 6 (and my local environment running Jive 7!) the following works fine:                       /plug...
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  • Issue: while running archetype command

    Hello Team,   I am facing an issue while running a command for a plugin. I am using a Jive-7 version, and Maven version 3.3.1, Tomcat 7.0, Java SDK -7.0. Can somebody please tell me what I am missing here exactly!! ...
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