• How To: Create a Custom Jive Project

    Getting your environment setup JDKs FIPS JDK and Amazon Coretto Maven Maven Quick start Creating a Project New project setup Running your new project Creating a Plugin New plugin setu...
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  • maven clean package failed Not authorized to transfer com.jivesoftware.maven:jive-parent-pom:pom:

    Hi all,   I created a maven custom plugin  and i tried to clean package by cmd : mvn -e  clean package. I met error : Could not transfer artifact com.jivesoftware.maven:jive-parent-pom:pom: from/to jive.int...
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  • Access to Maven Repository

    Hello, I registered for access to maven-secure.jivesoftware.com with username: dheath.  I received the validation email, but upon following the URL in the validation email, I was brought to a page indicating: Security...
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  • No plugin found for prefix 'jive' in the current project and in the plugin groups

    Hi I am try to build Jive for plugin development but following error is coming.   Downloaded: http://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/org/codehaus/mojo/maven-metadata.xml (20 KB at 10.8 KB/sec) [INFO] -----------------...
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  • Jive Maven Archiva is unavailable, any other way to deploy a local Jive instance?

    For a month now Jive Maven Archiva (http://maven-secure.jiveland.com/archiva/index.action ) has not been available, and apparently it's required to create an account there (How To: Create a Custom Jive Project ). Is t...
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  • Activation Link not opening

    Hello ,   I tried to register with Apache Archiva . I got a confirmation mail with my username and a activation link. When i tried to open that link , i am not able to open that and getting a error message in browser...
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  • custom war manifest incompatible with rpm

    If following the instructions here to create a new project (which really just consists of running the following command):   mvn -U jive:create-project   Picking version, and then building the combined war ...
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  • Creating Aspect proxy in plugin

    Hi How to create Aspect which can be deployed as plugin. I have tried both Spring and AspectJ style and the proxy method never gets call.What i am trying to do is read for captcha value when service calls happens to ...
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  • Jive EAE/Search Dependency Map

    It's important to get your version mapping right when building and running your local Jive instance.  Each version of the Jive platform needs a particular version of the Enterprise Activity Engine (EAE) and local sear...
    Ryan King
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  • Maven: Settings.xml File

    Note: this Maven configuration provides access to Jive binaries and sources via the maven-secure.jivesoftware.com server; it requires login access.  See the bottom of the document where to put your login information. ...
    Ryan King
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  • How do I start a project created from archType

    There seems to be a gap in How To: Create a Custom Jive Project mvn -U jive:create-project cd communityname mvn clean install -Djive.setup=false That's a great start but there are no directions on how to get up an...
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  • Accessing Jive source code for it's customization??

    Do  we require an account for Jive Maven Repository before accessing the source code of the Jive into our IDE for any kind of customization which we want to do ??? Need Help!!!!!
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  • Custom widget Development

    Hi   I want to develop a custom widget, which should be as drag and drop in all overview pages?   Can anyone help me on this? Ryan RutanPawan Shah   Thanks, Spoorthy
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  • Need User Info in HTML Widget

    I need to grab current user first, last name and email for use in an HTML widget. Is there a way to do this with JavaScript and REST or will I need to create a custom widget?   I thought I would ask before figuring o...
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  • content soy file in Plugin

    Hi all, Ryan King I have created HelloWorld Plugin.I want to access the content.soy(/themes/src/main/themes/MyTheme/soy/place/content.soy) in my HelloWorld plugin.Please provide any Information.   Thank you, Narsi
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  • Jive Hosting Environment Development

    Hi all, Ryan King, Scott A Johnson I am learning jive hosting environment theme development and plugin development.So on learning process i did some examples on closure templates (Hello World Using Java and Javascr...
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  • How to access the database from jive plugin?

    Hi   How to access the database(PostgreSQL) from jive custom plugin? could anyone give the example or steps to follow.   Joey LeviPawan ShahRyan Rutan   Thanks Spoorthy.
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  • Automated functional testing of plugins with Jive's core-test-base

    Between unit and integration testing  Everyone knows that it is mandatory to implement automated software tests that run on every build, commit or on a continuous integration system to ensure the quality of your deve...
  • Jive maven repository is slow ...

    Hi,   why is the Jive maven repository so slow     It's take a lot of time to download all the jar's for the new Jive version.   The download rate is 600-1500 kBit/s.     Regards, Rafal
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  • Error with Jive Development Installation - am I missing something?

    I was following the steps on this page to set-up my Jive system: How To: Create a Custom Jive Project   Some info on my System: Apple MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Summer 2015 model) OSX 10.10.5 Using Homebrew for patch ...
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