• filter=tag() not fetching documents

    When i use filter=tag() not fetching documents. can anyone help?
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  • Customization navigation bar

    Hi folks,   We have created a navigation bar using script (jQuery) in Jive. This works fine in most of the browsers except Safari and Opera. Could anyone please help us make it work on these browsers too?   Thank ...
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  • Struggling with understanding and explaining Jive app security / architecture

    Ryan Rutan et al   We have started developing several POC apps inside of RBC. We need to provide a clearer description of how apps work to our security and architecture teams.   I did talk to some folks at jive wor...
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  • subspace, can't upload or download from Google drive

    Deleted.     Hi, I am having issues with a payroll space webpage. File storage is via google drive integration. For whatever reason, user is no longer able to upload or remove documents or the payroll page. User is ...
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  • Examples of custom mobile apps?

    Can anyone share examples of custom apps they have developed for Jive? Doesn't matter how big or small - I'm just interested in what's feasible and the kinds of use cases you have addressed.
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  • Kickstarter: Jive Developer Days #1 in MA or NYC?

    Just trying to get a head count/interest level for a possible location/date of our first Developer Days event. If you're wondering what Developer Days is, see: Jive Developer Days > Coming to a City Near You!   So, i...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Authentication issues to jive sandbox

    Hi:   I'm trying to authenticate to https://sandbox.jiveon.com/ but  the message I got is "Invalid username or password. Please try again.". Since some months ago I've been using the same account to login, but the pr...
  • Suggestion - Jive to publish and maintain a list of sample REST API calls for Postman

    Postman is a pretty awesome "extension" for Chrome.. I put extension in speech marks, because when you install it, it installs more like a traditional application. It'll allow you to code up test REST API calls in a s...
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  • Unauthorized client id error while generating access token

    Ryan Rutan   Hello Ryan,   Greetings!! Need your help with one issue (details given below) I am facing.   I deployed OAuth 2.0 client on our on-prem instance and got client ID, client secret and authorization code ...
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  • Rest webservice ideas - Ban user, write to audit log

    I created two ideas for web service capabilities that I believe will have a major benefit to our jive installation at RBC.   Ability to ban users via rest webservice call   We have compliance rules that require us t...
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  • Join me for my developer track session - Old dog new tricks

    Hello Jive developers, Hope you are all having an awesome time in [ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16 This will be my second jive world. And also 2nd as a speaker.   Tomorrow I will be presenting some tricks we used with jive-sdk i...
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  • Connector for Microsoft Exchange Public Folders

    Hi,   I want to know if it's possible to have a Connector that would enable us to search our Public Folders on MS Exchange?   Better yet (this is most likely a third party integration) an indexing capabilities for t...
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  • 400 error, "There was an error fetching file" - but content still posted.  Can I use X-Jive-Flow-Id/X-Jive-Request-Id?

    Getting an interesting error "400" failed to fetch file now when posting to an extstream.  What's even stranger, is it the same request with the same file worked earlier in the day.   But, strangest of all, with 400 ...
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  • Jive batch interface

    I am faily new to the Jive platform. But I have been able to pull documents using a web request. I have also been able to successfully get data using the batch interface. My question is about how to filter fields in t...
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  • Jive 30.3.5 not working with ie11.0.26

    Hi,   We have  a web application in which all the users will be accessing the application using ie11.0.26. All the users using the application have jive for office 30.2 installed in there machines. The users try to do...
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  • Goodbye Jive, it was fun while it lasted

    Hey Jive Developer Community, it is with a heavy heart that I am saying good bye to the Jive platform today. I've worked with many of you over the last 7 years. The Jive dev community holds a big place in my heart, as...
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  • How to download from community

    Hi, I want to use Jive or community APIs through REST client. I want to download a zip/tar content from community. What is the REST API signature for the same
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  • Where is the copy document feature???

    Until v.8 we could make a copy of any doc using the Duplicate feature. It seems to be gone now. I really need that feature, I use it constantly! If it is there, I'd appreciate the steps to finding it.
    created by shuck
  • Profile photos not opening in expanded view after custom tool creation

    Branched from an earlier case https://community.aurea.com/casethread/396389   Hi Justin,   Unfortunately, troubleshooting of this kind falls outside of the realm of Jive Support. Typically when a customer is having ...
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  • Gamification - how many levels to use?

    Is there any tutorial or best practice document about gamification within Jive - is it scalable, how to change number of ranks, what is a logic to promote members to new rank etc...?
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