• Update integration with Jive

    Hi Aaron,   I'm waiting on the VM to be built and provisioned with access to email.  I'll see if I can push that along today.  Once I have it, I'm going to test both the direct integration with the Outlook client an...
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  • If you could build a "quick activity integration" in 5 minutes, what technologies would you look to integrate first?

    As developers we spend most of our time trying to build really awesome and feature rich integrations, but sometimes ... there's value to be had in standing up a "quick integration" between two systems and moving on to...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Jive 8 to Jive 9 Upgrade tips and observations

    Since our team is embarking on a Jive to Jive upgrade, I thought it might be worth starting a thread about how we've found it so far, and see whether anyone else has tips from their upgrade.   TL;DR -...
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  • Internal Server Error when updating Person(PUT)

    Hi,   I am using the Jive api to update a few properties for users in our Jive community. I am using this documentation https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/PersonService.html#updatePerson(String, P...
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  • Issues with Jive local build

    I am not able to bring up Jive site in my local environment - tomcat do not get started. Here are the steps I followed:   Set up Jive 8.0.3 which is our current PROD version. Upgrade to Jive 9.0.0. Server st...
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  • jive-sdk slow today?

    [root@ip app1]# npm install -g jive-sdk [    ..............] \ fetchMetadata: verb afterAdd /root/.npm/ee-first/1.1.1/package/package.json written   Is jive-sdk slow today? The above command is running for about 2 h...
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  • Scraping users and their stream notification settings via API

    Hi all, I'll preface this by saying I am a novice programmer at best   I have a need to figure out which of our Jive-x users have modified their notification preferences and are not being updated when we publish cer...
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  • Bug in Jive Org Chart Admin Console

    There is probably a Bug in the Jive Org Chart Admin Console under Admin ⇒ People ⇒ Management ⇒ Org Chart. The Error can be reproduced by disabling the Setting “Is org chart enabled?" under Admin ⇒ People ⇒ Sett...
  • Superfluous URL Protocol

    Many apps (e.g. Outlook) don't include the http protocol prefix "http://" when the app user wants to insert or update the link. This saves an unnecessary removal effort from the user (i.e. an extra "Ctrl X" to remove ...
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  • Medidata's Custom: Tile Pages Comments Tile

    A few months back our internal Enterprise Reporting Team (ER Team) came to our Express Team (our Jive-N operations team) and asked if Express (our Jive-N instance) could be used to house a portal of Reporting Dashboar...
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • OAuth Dance : Simple way to get OAuth token   ( TIPS & TRICKS )

    Hey guys,   I am writing this thread to explain how to get OAuth token in a simple way !! ( Hope It helps )   How to make this Dance easy ???   Link --->>>  OAuth 2.0 — OAuth  a brief knowledge on Oauth ...
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  • Jive converts newlines to spaces when using the tag for preformatted text

    You should be able to use the tag from the HTML editor to describe a block of preformatted text with a particular whitespace arrangement.  However, Jive seems to just replace all of the newlines with spaces.   I thi...
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  • Pending blogpost in developer Space...

    Hi,   can anybody please moderate my blogpost from yesterday? Sneak peek of the new awesome discussion tile (custom view tile)   Cc: Ryan Rutan Rashed Talukder   thanks jens
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  • Add-ons, External Stream Activity and private networks

    We just encountered an issue when creating external stream activity from our add-on. Our dev servers (Jive and Add-on) are on a private network and have been configured to communicate through private network ip's (10....
    Scott A Johnson
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  • Any OOB REST API to update user privacy settings

    Hello,   Do you know any OOB REST API to update user privacy settings? I checked V3 API, but there seem to be none.   Regards, Suneel
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  • Swagger toolbox

    Swagger toolbox For those of you looking to bring your Jive API responses into Swagger spec, you can use this tool to convert our JSON response to Swagger YAML quickly and easily! Shared with Jive Anywher...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Creating the Register/Unregister calls through .Net

    Hello,   I have just started looking into Jive and we would like to connect to Jive using Azure. I saw that we need to call the register/unregister service and obtain the token. However, I didn't see a good starting ...
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  • upload video with java unirest and jive api- example

    hi, i will just put this here. code to upload video with jive rest api and unirest using java import java.io.File; import com.mashape.unirest.http.HttpResponse; import com.mashape.unirest.http.JsonNode; import com....
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  • Display Multi Line Error Message in Tile

    Hi,   Can anyone please let me know how we can display the Multiple Line (3-4 line) error message in my custom Tile?As per standard tile implementation, currently we can only display one line message. E.x "Please en...
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  • Questions about the Jive-SDK v0.2 Release

    For questions about the updated Jive SDK for Node.js (v.0.2), GitHub - jivesoftware/jive-sdk: This is an implementation of the Jive SDK written in Node.js using Express, mustache and… specifically during the ...
    Ryan Rutan
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