• How do I get a list of user's groups?

    I am new to the Jive core API, and am trying to accomplish something that I thought would be simple. I want to track the name, email, last login, and joined groups of everybody on our site.  I have been able to pul...
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  • Top 20 users have more followers and following

    Help to to generate Report Top 20 users have more followers and following which DB table I need to query
  • Rest API Bug

    Hi Team,   We are facing some issues while using REST API GET Method https://www.mysite.com/api/core/v3/places?filter=search(SpaceName)&filter=type(space) Sometimes we get the responses & sometimes not. Its comple...
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  • How to download the Jive Blog post as PDF using API

    Hi, I have to automate a script which will export the blog post written by users in PDF format. I am getting the URLs of the blog post and appending ".pdf" to it. After downloading PDF URLs using web-client(C#), we a...
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  • Getting a "Temporarily Unavailable" error every single time I update the theme via skin advanced

    Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of a problem when I update the skin of a theme via the skin advanced path. The cycle goes like so:   I would upload the zip file and click upload. I would visibly see the changes bel...
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  • Create mosaic on overview page to have main pages and sub pages linked

    I want to create a mosaic on the overview page where the main content of the page is displayed in 4 boxes and the important content of each of those displayed in a list that can be clicked on to the right. below is a ...
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  • Href displays target site inline... but....

    Update: removed the div and the href still displayed the target site inline. What is this? Do i need a target attribute in my hrefs?  So I found this cool easter egg today when i was trying to center some custom HTML...
    created by groovylocks
  • Having an issue with adding /api/v3 suffix to group URLs on 2018.2.8.0 (AWS)

    According to REST V3 API - Tips & Tricks' Quickly Get API ID for Jive Place/Content/User , adding /api/v3 to suffix of place URL should get API representation of that Jive Object, but when I try it on Jive SBS 2018.2....
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • "More" option not working in Recent Content Widget

    Hi All, We are facing issue in Recent Content Widget. When Recent content widget is configured on groups and projects, "more" button is shown. But if we click on "more", the result is empty and no new items are sho...
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  • SAML Single Sign On Integration Request

    Hello Team,   This is SailajaPrakash with 8kmiles Software Services (A cloud Solutions Provider located at Bay Area). We have been contracted by AWS to perform SAML SSO integration between AWS SSO and various popular...
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  • Slow playback in Add-on (apps) for youtube embedded video

    Hi all,   We've builded add-on like a small web-application (backend is on remote server and backend stores html-layouts for add-on views). Add-on uses views as iframe from server (app.xml), e.g.:   On the views (h...
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  • Using Create Document and Create Comment REST services

    Being new to using REST services, I was looking for a simple example that used either the Create Document or Create Comment services and I didn't find any. Here's a stripped down version (no error handling) of my imp...
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  • Webhooks

    Hello, Am newbie to the development world.Trying to create simple service when some post a discussion would like to create dynamic reply based on the post. I think https://community.aurea.com/docs/DOC-118585#jive_con...
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  • Variance Report

    Hi, How do i see the task schedule variance report. basically, whether the task is completed on the schedule date or delayed it or done prior to the schedule date? .csv report doesn't show the schedule date but only s...
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  • Issues with Overview page after upgrade to jive 9.0.1 from 8.0.4

    Hi Team ,   We upgraded our on-prem application to jive 9.0.1 from 8.0.4 . We are stuck in an issue of loading overview page for one of our groups . Group is of open type , did anyone face the similar issue ? I get t...
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  • We've open sourced another custom tile

    Hello Jive Developers, I'd like to inform you all that we've open sourced another of our custom tiles - The segmented images grid which is widely used within our internal community on the landing page. Link to the bl...
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  • Bulk upload discussions on Jive on behalf of others

    Hi,   I want to bulk upload discussions/ideas on the JIve page on behalf of the original authors. Is this possible in Jive?
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  • Looking for Jive Freelance work

    Hello Dear,   I am a freelancer with expertise in Jive SBS platforms, Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Search Engines such as Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, Angular JS, Node.js, Freemarker Templates (FTL), Google...
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  • Simple jquery

    This code: $( document ).ready(function() { console.log('TEST:', $('#j-placeMainNav') ); })   TEST   Is producing a $ is not defined If I use $j(...) the message is $j is not defined   This code: if I do t...
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  • Update integration with Jive

    Hi Aaron,   I'm waiting on the VM to be built and provisioned with access to email.  I'll see if I can push that along today.  Once I have it, I'm going to test both the direct integration with the Outlook client an...
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