• Easy setup of Jive-n 8 with Vagrant

    Scope: Ideal for developers to try out Jive 8 and replicate a setup across the team Don´t use that to install your production server   Details: The vagrant will setup a CentOS 6.5 in a virtualbox image with...
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  • App Action Contribution Reference

    When creating a Jive App, you may want to wire up some aspect of its functionality to an action from one of many locations within the Jive UI. This can be done using "app actions". With app actions, you can wire up yo...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Data Export Service CSV Output Fields

    NOTE: This document is for Analytics V1. For information about Analytics V2, refer to V2 Data Export Service CSV Output Fields.   The Data Export Service provides endpoints to get activity written to a CSV file. The ...
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  • Extended Properties

    What is it? Extended properties allows integration partners to store data within Jive instance. This data is stored in the form of key / value pair and associated with Jive objects. The data can be persisted / accesse...
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  • Getting Started with the Jive Node SDK

    The Jive Node SDK is a great way to quickly get started in order to create tiles, apps, cartridges, external storage frameworks, and other Jive add-ons. You can start out with some of the provided examples and then cr...
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  • Core DB SQL script listing all non-deleted documents containing uploaded files

    Perhaps this will help someone.   /* lists the internalDocID (document number) for all documents containing uploaded files,    excluding those that have been deleted      JiveDocumentBody does not link directly to ...
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  • Getting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK

    In this Getting Started tutorial, we will use the Jive Node SDK to create a simple list tile. A list tile is a Jive tile that can be used in a Place to display a list of information. The instructions below should t...
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  • REST API > Webhook Events (WIP)

    For more information about the REST API / Webhooks, please visit the REST & Webhooks - Developer Resources   System Webhooks More details coming soon   Verb Since Notes jive:user_account_created jive:user_account_d...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Jive V3 Core API: Using /people Service for Authentication + Profile Information

    When Authenticating with the Jive Instance, you can do the following REST call:   Prompt screen for: username password   Construct a REST call to w/Basic Auth: BasicAuth: username/password Host:  https://communi...
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  • Custom theme boilerplate example

    Custom theme boilerplate.  Uses NPM, Gulp, Bower, and SCSS preprocessor. 
    Anthony Mack
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  • Welcome to the Developer Community!

    Here in the Jive Developers community everything is based upon peer-to-peer support. You will find an abundance of helpful content and resources already available in the community or you can reach out to other develop...
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  • Tile API & Development FAQ

    Tiles API jive.tile.getContainer() jive.tile.getIdentifiers() jive.tile.onOpen() jive.tile.onClose() jive.tile.getOAuth2CallbackUrl() jive.tile.doAction() jive.tile.close() jive.tile.getC...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • OAuth 2.0—Creating a Client and Managing Access

    A Jive instance supports both Basic and OAuth 2.0 for authentication protocols. When using OAuth 2.0, Jive acts as both the authorization and resource server. While OAuth takes more effort to set up, it allows a third...
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  • Data Export Service (DES) - Common Queries (WIP)

    Overview Common Queries Best Practices for Incorporating Additional Fields Content Details Place Details User Details Org Chart Common Tools Excel jq Note:  As we flesh out the...
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  • Getting Started > Using Webhooks with the Jive Node SDK

    In this Getting Started tutorial, we will use the Jive Node SDK to illustrate the potential of Jive Webhooks.   This tutorial should take 15 minutes.   Webhooks Overview Prerequisites Instructions For ...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • External Storage Framework - Documentation

    The following document is a temporary placeholder for the External Storage Framework API.  Due to efforts in-flight to consolidate look/feel and location of all developer documentation launch points to:  Jive REST API...
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  • Developing Your Own Simple Stream Integrations

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud Release, you can easily build your own activity stream integration with a 3rd party service.   (Refer to Creating an External Activity Stream for information about activity streams ...
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  • REST V3 API - Tips & Tricks

    Overview Related Materials Basics Authentication cURL Postman Tips & Tricks Suppressing Fields from API Responses Quickly Get API ID for Jive Place/Content/User Entity Descriptor Filt...
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  • How to embed an app within an external stream object

    Summary How To Sample Content definition.json app.xml HTML for app view JavaScript for app view JSON payload for activity screenshot of activity   Summary  You can embed an app vie...
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  • HTML Tile changes in 2016.1

    As part of the 2016.1 release (see One Stop for the Jive-n/Jive-x 2016.1 Cloud Release), we have updated the HTML tile Add-on. In this post i will detail the changes we've made to improve the HTML tile usability and ...
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