• 'Pushing' content to other social media?

    Once we create our content/discussion or other posts, is there a way to push, or share this to other social media like Twitter or Face Book?   Thank you!
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  • JiveDaily Latest Version - Can Value type to be changed from Number to String ?

    Hi,   Is it possible to change the value type from Number to String for JiveDaily when doing the entitlements?
    created by rahulbansal
  • Issue on running Example project

    Is iOS Jive SDK working on Xcode 8 ? I am facing following error on Xcode 8.   ld: library not found for -lPods clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
    created by snehal.mehta
  • Custom App Action Tile

    Hi ,   I created a custom app action tile to display specific content . when we placed ?features=responsive,tile in defination.json iam getting the below error. if I remove that it is not opening up in mobile view. ...
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  • How to get service url in jive app

    Hi, I have created one  app and defined a following app action in app.xml :   I want addon serv...
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  • Make custom view tile responsive

    Hi,   I have created a custom view tile for my Mobile Home Page. I want the content inside my tile to be responsive. I have added "?features=reponsive" and "pageTypes: MOBILE" in my definition.json.   The contet ins...
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  • Logic for getting X-J-Token in response header?

    Hi What is the logic for generating X-J-Token in Jive 7 instance ?   Regards, Prabhakar
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  • Need a white label version of Jive app - looking for bids

    Hi, we need a company (ideally with Jive experience) to create a white label version of the Jive app (branded with our community name) and/or an app using the Jive mobile SDK. We need it as soon as possible. Can you p...
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  • Does jive support public addons as well?

    I am trying to see if its possible to create an addon which is available to guest users. Is that even possible with Jive cloud or not?   When I tried setting up the add-on with regular approach and permission (Availa...
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  • Mobile - Developer Resources

    LEARN MORE TUTORIALS EXAMPLES REFERENCES   LEARN MORE More information coming soon   Resource Description Type Related Materials Jive Mobile SDK – Deliver Integrated Mobile Experiences with iOS & Andro...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Examples of custom mobile apps?

    Can anyone share examples of custom apps they have developed for Jive? Doesn't matter how big or small - I'm just interested in what's feasible and the kinds of use cases you have addressed.
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  • Google login(SSO) is not working for IOS App

    Hi Team,   We are using Jive Cloud version Jive SBS 2016.1.0.0. We have enabled SSO Google login for the intranet portal. It is working perfectally fine on web as well as Andriod Jive Daily App. But the Google login...
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  • Jive Tile Streams - Why does it just show "System" on mobile/desktop?

    Hey Ryan, Steven and Brennan came to me with a question about mobile.   I've attached pics of what the Tile Stream post looks like in Mobile & Desktop.  Mobile just appears as "SYSTEM" with no picture? Is this a bug ...
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  • Jive SDK - Java & Jersey Edition - Overview

    Overview This SDK is designed for maximum enterprise compatibility using JEE 6 standards and compliant technologies, such as Java 7, Jersey JAX-RS 2.0, Spring 3.2.5 IoC and JSP.   Core SDK Principles Simplicity.  From...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Jive Mobile IOS binary issue : Not able to update labels

    Can anyone tell how can we can open and modify en.Iproj-->JVLoginViewController.strings file for updating labels as mentioned in this document. How To: Configure the Jive iOS App for Enterprise Distribution When I ...
    created by anuj.pathak
  • Jive osapi to update the person

    Hi, I want jive's osapi to update the person's profile fields.   I tried using osapi.jive.corev3.people.update() , but this function is giving error.   Please let me the function with small example snippet to updat...
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  • Goodbye Jive, it was fun while it lasted

    Hey Jive Developer Community, it is with a heavy heart that I am saying good bye to the Jive platform today. I've worked with many of you over the last 7 years. The Jive dev community holds a big place in my heart, as...
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  • Is there Any Bookmark activities in V3 REST API like we had in a V2 REST API?

    In previous version of (Jive V2 REST API )  Activities payload has type="bookmark".   Example: {         "entitySummary": {             "bookmarkUrl": "https://sketchbook.gap.com/thread/7152",             "subjec...
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  • Owncloud & Jive Integration - Your Files, Your Way!

    ownCloud is a secure file sync and share solution that enables you to manage your data on your own servers in your data center. ownCloud provides anytime, anywhere file access for end users – akin to many consumer fil...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Jive 5: Mobile App Development

    Hi Support,   We have our in house JIVE server and done many customizations on that. We are using JIVE version . Currently our application is only web based . Now we have to make a Mobile App (ios/android/win...
    created by kanwargrewal