• Issue with search functionality in Jive Android sdk

    In my native Android app, I am searching questions with a keyword by including the following filter options.setTypeFilter(Arrays.asList(JiveCoreContentType.discussion)); The problem with this filter is it does not sea...
    created by jdoede
  • Documentation for android sdk

    Where can I find documentation for the jive-android-core-sdk library? The code does not have any comments explain what methods, classes, etc. are for.
    created by jdoede
  • Do analytics exist for Jive app/mobile web usage?

    Hi All,   I am looking for information about how our user base accesses our Jive instance via mobile devices. We are on Jive 7.0.3 and when accessing our site via a mobile device, the user is prompted to either conti...
    last modified by mbrybag
  • Get from url

    Hey Jive Community   Is it possible to get the browse id from an URL without using the REST API? I want to create a link to open a video directly in the native jive app throu jivecore url scheme. The URL to the video...
    last modified by frd49
  • Jive 8 responsiveness

    Is Jive 8 responsiveness based on Bootstrap? How could one add a new breakpoint?   We're moving from 7 to 8 (hosted by Jive).
    last modified by DominicG
  • How Can I create a Hero Tile which is a new feature in Jive-x 2015.3 cloud release?

    How Can I create a Hero Tile which is a new feature in Jive-x 2015.3 cloud release?
    last modified by shubhra_wairagade
  • How to insert javascript in header of cloud jivex instance

    Hi,   I need to call add some javascript in header of my cloud jivex instance so that it executes in complete community. Is there a way to do it myself?   - Vishal
    last modified by vishal_grazitti
  • How to configure Automatic Push Notification in Jive to Native Mobile App?

    Hi Can Any one throw a light on that how to configure Automatic Push Notification in Jive to Native Mobile App? Is there any diagram / notes to understand the Jive config setup to push notifications on to Native Mobi...
    last modified by prabhakar.pateti
  • Customize mobile push notifications text

    Hi there,   There are message templates for email notifications customization. Similarly, how to customize mobile push notifications text?   Suneel
    created by wipkands
  • Jive mobile push notifications not working

    Hi,   We are currently working on enabling mobile solution for our internal collaboration platform (Jive-n and using OOB native app for this. The issue we are facing is push notifications not working. I have...
    last modified by wipkands
  • Retrieving content of a place using app action

    Hi Jesse Fuller, Pawan Shah   I have created a App called My contents which should show all the contents of that pace, How should I retrieve the content of that respective place.   Thanks, Spoorthy.
    last modified by spoorthy
  • To get user’s stars rating & user’s total questions/answers statistic figures

    Hi Can you please help to know if any RESTful APIs services  are available  in Jive ? Example I want to give Start Ratings for the users based on their usage of the Jive community and Statistic figures if any Ex. H...
    last modified by prabhakar.pateti
  • Can we remove the URL textfield in the Jive Native Android App?

    Hello guys!   I would like to ask something about the Jive native android app.   Can we remove the textfield which asks for the community URL? We would like to just go it directly to the community without requiring ...
    last modified by jcflorendo
  • Mobile development at university in Peru

    Hi there,   We're new at Jive (and happy to be here ) and we're starting to move in the mobile world. I was looking on the best way to have the current features of the demo app that Jive published on Jive - Android A...
    created by destabridis
  • User not able to login Jive 7 instance due to SSO erros, Any help ?

    Hi, Few  users not able to login to our jive 7 - instance ( content.m.emc.com ) due to SSO error attached here. Any help please   Prabhakar
    last modified by prabhakar.pateti
  • Why is it necessary to specify the timezone when updating Person from the iOS API ?

    Hi all, when we try to Update a Person we are getting a strange error about TimeZone. Any ideas why including the Timezone would be necessary ? Fergal   [self.me updateOnComplete:^(JivePerson *person){             ...
    created by fmohan
  • Custom view tile is not working in responsive mode

    Hi,  I have created custom view tile and hosted it in our Jive POC environment While working with this tile I am facing following issues :    1. Custom view tile is not working in responsive mode. 2. Observing pe...
    created by sumeet812gupta
  • Cross-Origin Request Blocked: Error while trying to access from sample html page

    Hi   Error while accessing jiveon Rest API link from local sample html page as Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://oracle-sites.jiveon.com/api/core/v3...
    last modified by sureshnayak
  • How to Migrate Jive sample sdk example project into gradle Android studio.

    Hi,   I have one question regarding migrating jive sample project into gradle. I can build the project in android studio using maven but i need to build the same project using gradle. What should i need to migrate f...
    created by sharma24
  • Is there any jive-ios-sdk methods that could be used to leverage server-side Sorting by Likes and Rating ?

    We are developing some iOS Apps using the jive-ios-sdk and would like a way to present content that has been crowd-sourced as popular based on Likes or Rating. Is there any jive-ios-sdk methods that could be used to l...
    created by fmohan