• Jive Daily Resigning Issue

    Hello, we are running into an issue with a resigned Jive Daily .ipa that I'm hoping this community can help with. The issue occurs when I try to install the rebundled/resigned app, embedding the Provisioning Profiles ...
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  • jive daily on prem plugin issue - Error: Could not verify the certificate chain of this signed add-on

    Hi,   We've tried to install the jive daily plugin on the on prem version of jive but we've got the following: Error: Could not verify the certificate chain of this signed add-on. What can be the root-cause of this i...
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  • Custom Tiles loading slowly

    Hi Team John Reynolds Gopi Gorantala, Jens Goldhammer   Is there a way we could speed up the loading of the custom tiles, besides the logic that's inside it. Surprisingly, all of the custom tiles, no matter the logic...
  • Internet Explorer Initial Browser Size on Iframe for Custom HTML Tile

    I am using Foundation 6 CSS on a custom HTML tile and it is the only tile on the page. My issue is that when the page loads in Internet Explorer (all versions) the initial browser size of the tile is very large. If I ...
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  • learning to code HTML and Java from the ground up

    I am looking for recommendations on resources to learn web development starting from zero.  A friend pointed me to http://www.codecademy.com/.  Does anyone have any feedback on it?  Are there other sites that walk you...
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  • Can I Integrate Chatbot(developed in python - Chatterbot) in the hub page?

    I have developed Chat bot using Chatter(Python). Can I integrate it with my TheHub(intranet) pages?
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  • Jive Platform: Building the Hub WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

    Open video

    Iain Goodridge
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  • Source code of Jive Daily available to partners?

    Hi all,   it is possible to get access to the source code of Jive Daily? I have not found in in the maven repository Apache Archiva   Thanks Jens
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  • java script in jive page.

    Hi All,   I am working on salesforce live agent integration with Jive. so what i want is i would like to add my piece of JAVA SCRIPT code that is given by salesforce in my Jive page, for this i am adding that code in...
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  • How do I enable edits in mobile view?

    Currently still on Jive 8 and can't edit content on mobile rendering. All comments and content edits shows this message. I found in phrase substitutions that there is a key value for this message, and I also found...
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  • Integration with mobile connect auth?

    Hello, Will Mobile Connect Auth flows be supported in Jive-n? (in particullar in On-Premise instances)
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  • Tile not responsive between 660px and 990px

    Hi Folks,   I am using CSS to create a responsive tile, but it stops resizing between 660px and 990px.  Once I go smaller than 660 it responds again just fine.  I found a min-width setting in the page code (not my ti...
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  • Responsive Custom Tile Widths

    Hi all, I'm working on a creating a custom tile to replace a number of HTML tiles that we're using around our site.  I ran into one issue I couldn't find a good answer for, so I wanted to run it by you all.  The iFram...
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  • Jive Mobile SDK – Deliver Integrated Mobile Experiences with iOS & Android WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

    Open video

    Iain Goodridge
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  • Experience, Change, and Mobilizing The Platform of Things - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

    Open video

    Iain Goodridge
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  • Osapi Update Document MultipartBody

    Hey,   can anybody provide a example call for the following api call please. Jive JavaScript API v3.14 → osapi.jive.corev3.contents.Document entity   I am struggling to build the multipartbody parameter.   os...
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  • My iOS app not working with Citrix MDM Secure Hub through openfire

    I have the following structure. Openfire Server 1   |                               ------------ Load Balancer ------------ MDM ctrix --------- Mobile App Openfire Server 2 | if i removed load balancer and direct to t...
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  • Looking for Jive Freelance work

    Hello Dear,   I am a freelancer with expertise in Jive SBS platforms, Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Search Engines such as Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, Angular JS, Node.js, Freemarker Templates (FTL), Google...
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  • Access token and Refresh token timers

    Curious if anyone has configured an app (I'm specifically working with Jive Daily) to require re-authentication every x hours or days?  So far, I have not been able to get this to work the way I think it should and am...
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  • AngularJs within html widgets

    Hello to all that will read this. I am a advocate of angularjs in jive widgets. I want to share how i do it since i have seen many questions on it with html widgets in my own company.   Here is the code - GreenPionee...
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