• How do I get a list of user's groups?

    I am new to the Jive core API, and am trying to accomplish something that I thought would be simple. I want to track the name, email, last login, and joined groups of everybody on our site.  I have been able to pul...
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  • Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

    NOTE: This is version 2 of the Analytics service. Anyone currently using Cloud Analytics can use this version. This version is also available for on-prem customers who have opted in to Cloud Analytics. For the previou...
    Michelle Gantt
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  • Jive Databases

    We are running Jive 5 and I'm trying to identity the purpose of the different databases.  We setup DB backups which we can access via downloads in the Cloud Admin Console. We are trying to establish a reporting str...
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  • Accessing a third party application API securely

    Hi Team John Reynolds Gopi Gorantala, Jens Goldhammer, Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli,   We are trying to make an integration with our platform to Service Now and trying to use their API to show data here. While we are able to...
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  • Custom Tiles loading slowly

    Hi Team John Reynolds Gopi Gorantala, Jens Goldhammer   Is there a way we could speed up the loading of the custom tiles, besides the logic that's inside it. Surprisingly, all of the custom tiles, no matter the logic...
  • Java script issues while integration with Salesforce in Jive community?

    I am facing errors please help me with this issue, i am getting Java script issues while integration with Salesforce in Jive community?   The following exmaple code may help you: Prefix the identifier with @: public...
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  • Possible to download viwers of specific content?

    Hello!     Is there a way to set up some sort of export into Excel of who is viewing specific content? I can see who views it in the impact metrics but I would like to be able to send a weekly report to my executives...
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  • Invalid HTML in content text field

    Hi All,   create discussion via REST API (/api/core/v3/contents) throws error recently like below, before it was working fine.   { "error":{ "message": "Invalid HTML in content text field","status": 400,"code": "co...
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  • How to get the count value of assumed answers into thread?

    Is there any way to get the count value of assumed answers? For e.g : - If users starts the discussion and mark as the discussion as assumed answer, how can get the assumed answer count value of all the discussions...
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  • How To Find content natively written in languages other than English?

    Hi guys,   I'm working with a community that has users within based in different parts of the world. The auto translation features work fine and the users based in Asia are able to read the content created in English...
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  • How to search for Discussions/Questions with Zero Replies/Responses

    Is there any way to filter on this or pull this using an API? Looking for Questions and Discussions with Zero responses.
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  • V2 Data Export Service CSV Output Fields

    The Data Export Service provides endpoints to get activity written to a CSV file (e.g. GET /analytics/v2/export/activity/csv). The following list provides examples and descriptions of each field in the CSV file.   Wi...
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  • Get all values of a profile field in the Jive Instance

    Hi Team Jens Goldhammer Gopi Gorantala   Is there a way to get all the values of a profile field say City that is used for users in the jive instance. I was looking up for a rest API for this but did not find any. Alt...
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  • Display User popover in a custom Tile

    Hi Team Jens Goldhammer Gopi Gorantala   Is there a way we can use the existing pop-over that comes up when you hover over a user's linked profile name below:   into a custom view tile. We want to display a list of p...
  • DES - Extract entire community activity for a period

    Hello,   We are using Jive DES to extract the complete activity (user logins, content creation, updates etc ..) for our community. Can someone help us which filter I should be using to extract the information?   Th...
  • Is there a way to use the REST API to read custom fields with ideas?

    /api/core/v3/contents?filter=type(idea) Only seems to bring in default fields, but not the custom fields that can be created.   Has anyone had success with getting these fields?   Thanks in advance!
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  • Jive Data analytics API - the data extract doesn't seem to be realtime. would like to know the data lag and refresh timeframe.

    What is the data refresh timeframe for data analytics analytics extract. this seem to be day old.
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  • Which JIVE option is suitable for developing JIVE connector?

    Hi,   I have gone through the www.jivesoftware.com website. There are four login options i.e. JIVE Cloud login JIVE Trial login JIVE Daily login JIVE Community login   To develop the JIVE Connector using the JIv...
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  • DES lasthour parameter not returning data?

    lasthour parameter seems to have stopped working for our instance, but lastday works.
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  • Way to increase content view through REST API in Jive Cloud?

    We are pulling videos from the REST API into a Custom Add On. Views don't register when doing this. Is there a way through API to increase  the viewCount associated with that video?   Currently I have a function tha...
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