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Jive Apps Development 102

Posted by shoemaker Oct 11, 2012

Today mark.weitzel and I presented at the Apps Development 102 session. We covered some real-world examples of how Thomson Reuters uses the Jive application platform to replace our legacy portal, and outlined what goes into developing an app. We had a great audience who asked a lot of great questions. Here are some of the main points we covered:

  • Getting involved in the Jive developer community.
  • Demonstrated the types of applications Thomson Reuters migrated from the legacy platform.
  • Retrieving data from a RESTful API.
  • Demonstrated many of the features of the Jive and Open Social platforms, including !App mentions, posting to the activity stream, the Dev Console, and integrating content from your social circle + connections on Jive.
  • How Apps will evolve from 5 to 6/Cloud.


If you have follow up questions or want to learn more, we encourage you to attend the Jive Apps Development 202 session from 1 - 2 PM in Garcia 5 (3rd floor). mark.weitzel and shoemaker will also be available at the Ringside with the Experts session from 3:30 - 4:40 PM in Garcia 6 (3rd floor) for one-on-one discussion. You can also connect with us on Twitter: Mark (@weitzelm) and Brian (@shoemaker).


If you'd like to download the Location Demo we walked through during the session, you can find it on GitHub. A description of the Jive and OpenSocial components used in the app can be found in the "read me" file.


Finally, we encourage you to check out the Jive Community to connect with other app developers. This is the best resource to get answers to your technical questions, learn more about Jive and the OpenSocial platforms and get involved with the Jive developer community.

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