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I know the competition is all over, but I thought I would toss up one final blog post to speak to the relationship aspect.  It was very cool to see some gadgets and prizes from Pebble, nice work Rashed Talker.  It was also excellent to see the guys from sitting at the tables, our their at their booth, and providing their own set of challenges and prizes.  Sure, we have a ringer in the audience who kind of swept the dev challenges, but hey I'm all for a single player dominating the games


The introduction is going to have me looking at what I can do with, I don't think there is any better correlation with their objectives than that.


We had a long list of challenges to get through, I haven't even read through the whole list, but I was about to comment to the effect of "next year it would be great to see iPaaS, Docker Containers, Google Cloud etc (didn't see Kubernetes).  Well guess what, we had those challenges, and now post event we can complete them at any time.  It's really kind a free dev training course if you think about it.

Now not only do you have a Jive focus, but a DevOps focus.  Perhaps times are changing, but when I first started in development, getting your hands on this kind of stuff was impossible if it even existed at all.

Tri-Hack Day 3

Posted by roguen Mar 16, 2016

This marks the end of the Tri-Hackathon.  An exciting conclusion to an equally exciting setup.  I didn't cut the mustard on our three challenges unfortunately, but it was a nice close race for those at the top of the board and I know we all had fun.

I'm also excited to see the new direction and forms the hackathon takes in the future.  There is some talk of taking it on the road to meet the developers, perhaps as part of local meet ups.  If they could work out the format just right I think that would be amazing.


A great combination of the challenges.  Be it Jive itself or, there were plenty of things to hack and plenty of experts in the house before.  I believe I said it during the first day post, but it really made an excellent bookend to the talks and live sessions where they would go through the demos themselves, giving plenty of your own context into the fast moving tech (hey, they only had an hour in most cases).


Also interesting to see will be how they prevent the bit of gaming the system we say with the trivia challenge.  Funny to see, though I still think there should have been a dishonorable mention.


Great fun everyone!  Congrats to our winners and I hope to see you all at the challenge next year should I be able to make it.

Tri-Hackathon Day 2

Posted by roguen Mar 15, 2016

Day 2 is in the books, and with it a couple of completed hacking challenges.  I needed a bit more help from the Jive team, even on these easy ones.  A few great lessons in debugging for sure.


I actually really liked the multi-day aspect of this over a single long stretching event.  It gave me some time to think over which challenges to take, and extend what I was hearing during the technical speaking sessions.  If anything, there might be a few too many coding challenges, you feel compelled to complete them all or none at all, but I understand that it speaks to the myriad of ways we can actually approach development in the environment: in turn it makes it all that much more important to have a technical expert on your side, because there are a million ways to skin a cat.


My approach has been to focus on the easier challenges to get the badge early, but with it now obtained I'm going to change over to the harder for the final day.  I'm wondering if I'll even be able to wrap up one given the amount of slogging that this day included.

JiveWorld TriHackathon Day 1

Posted by roguen Mar 14, 2016

Day 1 of the JiveWorld Tri-Hackathon is cleared.  Once again, the Jive team has evolved the formula around how they conduct it, and I found myself learning a lot.

For comparison I'll use 2 things: some thoughts from my own organization on hackathon activities, and the 2013 JiveWorld event.


It's worth noting that aside form learning about what is coming down the pipe for Jive communities, I'm actually going to be conducting my own event of this type with HDS later this year.  When we talked with some others within our organization, they stated that anything less than 24 hours couldn't be considered a hackathon.  It needed to have teams self organize, design and come up with a product which may or may not get produced fully throughout the event.   If that is the definition, perhaps Jive's version doesn't hold strictly, but I found the purpose more in alignment with what I needed for our event which is also not solely developer focused:

  • Attached to a larger vendor training and community activity (a hackathon wears participate out for anything outside of itself)
  • Focused on showing others possibilities around the platform, not asking them to be the outright innovators (though I surprise is always welcome)
  • Planned activities which demonstrate those capabilities versus a greenfield


With this short, 5 hour event, the team did something interesting by introducing a couple of other distractions to the activity: a technology quiz and a video game cabinet.  Sure, I think the timer on the quiz made most of the answers a guess, and the sticks on the game machine are a bit hit or miss (I'm a vintage game connoisseur after all), but it seemed to me more in alignment with having a bit of fun, versus a focused self driven training walk through.


This was a contrast to what I observed during the 2013 event. There we had some cool gadgets to play around with, but it seemed to devolve quickly into a genius bar kind of experience, where developers were bringing up their own tasks for some free advice and troubleshooting.  It didn't have the same kind of energy or direction that this one now had.


Bottom line, great event so far.  Perhaps it's better that they didn't go Galaga for the cabinet game. It would have been very discouraging for everyone else.  I'll be there tomorrow as well to continue my experience... and check on my score.  See you there!

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