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UX Widgets

Posted by noelwhite Feb 1, 2016



Enhance your community with amazing content display options.  Enable and control search and navigation across multiple community sites.  Empower large, diverse communities with service portals for site and content creation. Do all this without having to install plug-ins or set up add-on servers to host services.  These UX Widgets enrich Jive overview pages with powerful intranet platform capabilities.


These projects are for Jive-n instances and controlled Jive-x instances that limit place administration to trusted users and allow JavaScript within HTML widgets.  If this works for your community, click on the title of the below projects to go to the Github site to get full instructions and required files.




Content Lookup


This is the starter widget in this series of open source releases that eases finding and displaying information about content in your community.  The Content Lookup widget is a handy tool for quickly locating content in your Jive community and obtaining various stats and reference information.  It utilizes the Jive V3 search API and parses the returned information into an easy to consume table.  In particular, this widget makes getting the content ID and Binary URL to uploaded files in the Jive instance much easier than doing API lookups in the browser and parsing the returned information for that level of detail.  The Content Lookup widget is so useful that the rest of the projects in this series have this as a prerequisite.  All of their installation instructions reference its use to help set the projects up within your Jive instance.






This HTML widget project greatly increases the usable space on pages by displaying information in an accordion viewer.  Viewers expand sections to display the content within.  An easy-to-use builder application creates a self-service portal for site admins to come and generate an accordion for their page in three easy steps:

1.  Create a Jive document with a table defining what to build in the accordion.

2.  Give the builder application the URL to the setup document, and it generates all of the required code.

3.  Place an HTML widget on the target site, and paste the generated code into it.

The accordion widget dynamically builds collapsible Bootstrap panels based on the setup document’s content.  This allows the accordion to be set up quickly and easily, and modifications are a snap.




Advanced Search

Search Widget.jpg

Have you ever wanted a search that only looked in specific places on your community?  This project is an alternative to the Jive search widget’s “current place” or “global” search options.  It allows you to set up a list of places for the search to look through.  This is very useful for business functions that have work spread across several locations within the community, and want to limit search results to only those places.  A builder application lets you set the places that will be searched, eases the configuration process, and generates all of the code to get multi-site searches up and running.



Content Viewer



How would you like to view various pieces of content within your community within a single site?  You can surface documents, discussions, profiles, and even other overview pages from your community in a single Content Viewer.  All of this functionality is built and maintained using a single Jive document with a bullet list representing the Table of Contents (TOC).  A builder application removes all of the complexity and generates all of the code for you.  All you have to do is set up two widgets on a page.  One widget will become the TOC pane, and the other will become the display panel.  Clicking an item in the TOC loads the content into the display panel for viewing.  Users can select which content to view by the content listed in the TOC and you do not have to implement and maintain complicated menus and navigation bars to keep your sites up to date and connected.    Changes can be made to the TOC document to add, modify, and delete entries.  Linked documents and sites contained in the TOC can be edited to modify the content that is displayed.  Give your community the ultimate in convenience.






Do you need to export the followers of a person or place?  How about exporting event attendee details, including emails?  The Export widget is a service portal that automates the process of gathering information from your community and parsing it into an easy to read, export-friendly format.  Get the information you need without all the hassle.



The Forms widget creates a data entry form with controlled inputs, and outputs consistently formatted documents into Jive.  A designer app has a drag & drop interface to create form designs.  It has several elements which ease the entry process, enables categorizing and tagging, and allows attachments.  Form designs can be saved and reloaded later for modification.  All of the code complexities are handled for you.  Just paste the generated code on your site to create the entry form.  Each time a user submits a form, it creates a Jive document with a table of the form fields.  The form makes it easy to guide users on what to submit, and the table format makes it easy to process the submissions.  Form submissions can also be tallied into a report using the Form Report widget.


Form Report


Working in conjunction with the Form widget, this widget reads a Form design and creates a table of the fields that are able to be tallied.  It then reads through the submissions related to the form design and calculates the number and percentage for each answer.  It also creates an export of the submissions that is spreadsheet friendly for external processing.




Control site navigation, both in and out of your Jive instance.  Guide users through related sites, and help them navigate through complex business units.  Organize your site topics and ease access in your community.  Creating a menu in your site is now as simple as creating a Jive document with a bullet list of your menu items.  A builder application takes the setup document and generates the code for you.


Picture Carousel


Building on deesteel original Content Slider project on the Jive community, this project eases the process of creating a Picture Carousel.  The presentation is set up using a single Jive document with a table to control the slides, headings, and links.  A builder application allows users to easily configure size, colors, fonts, and more for total control over the experience.



Presentation (to be released soon)


Looking for an alternative to PowerPoint?  This widget project, utilizing the awesome RevealJS library, allows users to create professional looking presentations within the Jive community.  Presentations are set up using a single Jive document and table where each cell represents a slide in the presentation.  A builder application eases the setup process and generates all of the code.  Several built in 3D transitions add an elegant look.  Presentations can be manually controlled, or set for auto advance.  Make your community stand out…in 3D!



Team Listing (to be released soon)


Surface team members.  Guide visiting users to the correct contacts.  This widget makes it painless to build a nicely formatted team listing to display on your overview page.  A builder application utilizing the Jive APIs eases the building process and automates all of the work.  Just tell it who you want, generate the code, and paste it into a widget on your page.  It can even be set to dynamically build the list based on current information from the Jive profiles, so it can manage the details when you don’t want to.



What's Next?


The projects that are not currently linked to their Github repository are still in the release process.  They will be available soon.

Tile conversions of these projects are possible, but the UI design would need to work around the tile size restrictions.  Conversion to add-ons / apps is also possible, but the widget design has worked best for our communities.  We look forward to your feedback and contributions.

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