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One of our recent internal IT initiatives at Lexmark was to deploy the Jive platform for use across the company. And while our business areas absolutely love Jive (12k+ users), they didn't love having to go to multiple places or use multiple tools to search for content. The business need for a unified search solution was apparent shortly after launch.


So our Jive development team decided to embed our own enterprise search product (Perceptive Search) into Jive to access content across the following information sources (using out-of-the-box and custom connectors):


  • Lotus Notes
  • SharePoint
  • File shares
  • Google Drive
  • Databases (Oracle)
  • Engineering/R&D wikis (mediawiki, doku, twiki, etc.)
  • LDAP
  • CMS systems
  • Lexmark public websites
  • Legal patent image database
  • Federated results from social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)


Once completed, our Lexmark users will receive the functionality they were asking for without having to leave our Jive site. Here’s an example of what it looks like when our users search in Jive (note: to ensure I'm not exposing sensitive information, I used javascript in the console to replace the real results with fake data before taking screenshots)




This is what it looks like when our users search in our Perceptive Enterprise Search site:




Here is a screenshot of our Jive app, combining Jive search results with Perceptive Enterprise Search results:


We wanted to keep the look and feel the same from a user standpoint, so we reverse engineered the CSS and added a few Perceptive Search touches (like the timeline and the stars).


For the next steps, we are adding  !App functionality (thanks to kenny.tucker and randy.lubin for the recommendation) and adding a “share to Jive” icon from our internal search results page.


If you are interested in trying this out, please send me a message in the community and we'll get back to you.

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