Using Jive Webhooks with Azure Logic Apps

Blog Post created by mcollinge on Mar 18, 2020

Logic Apps are a pretty awesome way to do Jive integrations (or any integrations, for that matter).. however, as it stands in Jive webhooks don't work with Logic Apps. The problem is that Jive sends an authentication header to the endpoint you've specified. Logic Apps will see the header & think it's an authentication header it needs to use & ends up returning an unauthorised response to Jive.


You'll see something like this in the database;



There are 2 ways to tackle this;


1) Send the payload to another endpoint which can strip the authentication header out.. essentially proxy it through something like a Function App which gives you more control.

2) Alter the Java code for the webhook to stop it sending the authentication for either whitelisted URLs or for any Logic App


For our community site, I chose option (2) to keep it a clean solution (i.e. not jumping through multiple endpoints just to get round the issue). Here's the code change I made to;



With this change in place, Jive webhooks will work with Logic Apps without any problems.