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We're all excited about the Enterprise-wide Search announced at JiveWorld17.


But what if you cannot wait?


Since I embarked on my career of architecting knowledge bases and search solutions, I've always seen them as going together. There seemed no point of having a central collaboration hub if it wasn't backed by a search engine which brought content in from various sources and allowed them to be searched from a single place. I've seen some organizations replace Jive Search completely, while others have attempted to plug in Search Engines as Bridged-Communities using the OpenSearch technology/format, which serves up search results back in Jive.




I've tried to tackle this problem with two approaches.


My first approach has been content syndication, where I imported and archived tickets and defects into my knowledge platform/collaborative intranet, where the contents of the source could be viewed/commented on from our collaborative intranet. Basically creating copies of all the source content in Jive - bypassing the need for a separate search engine.


My second approach was the aforementioned  - a separate enterprise search engine which is OpenSearch compatible, and can be plugged into Jive through Bridged Communities. Then one enterprise system at a time, one can develop adapters and search schemas for each system, mapping common search fields for better searching and filtering across systems.


But it is far from perfect. First, the results are only included if you press enter on a Spotlight search, which many people don't do.

Second, the OpenSearch protocol does not support Double-quotes for verbatim searches, which I believe many people are accustomed to.


Third, the results are not always pretty - when not properly implemented.



The internal Helpdesk team at Medidata asked us if we could make their content searchable from our Jive-intranet, but have it be consumed in Zendesk Help Center, because apparently this helps the agents see what a user read before creating the ticket.


After a little thought, we came up with a plan. It's similar to the previously mentioned content syndication integration, except it strips all the content formatting, and then sets the target Jive document format to be invisible to the user. It does this by setting the font color to white and font size set to 2 pixels.




We then add a big button that says "Are you looking for TITLE OF SOURCE DOCUMENT?", or in the case below "Click here to Access Document" which is a hyperlink to the source document in Help Center.



We call this the white-on-white approach.  The document in the screenshot has hundreds of words below the blue button but they are so small and the color is the same as the background so they are not visible to the user. It is worth noting that as Jive RTE auto-links emails, you will see small blue dots on documents with email addresses. But a work-around is to just replace @ with _at_.


Basically this solution makes Jive a search engine of Zendesk.  It is a hack, but it works now allowing for Zendesk content to be searched from Jive Spotlight search

and then directing people to Zendesk HelpCenter.


Just a word to the wise, don't ever do this on an external Jive Community, it's considered SEO spam and will get you blacklisted by Google.  But it works great inside an Intranet.


To make this work in your community you can simply download the code, and set it up on your middleware server and set to a cron and your good to go. It keeps the "search pages" in sync with the source Zendesk Help center by deleting/update/creating the corresponding Jive document for the Help Center articles.


Of course we are still waiting with bated breath for Enterprise-wide search, but until we get that, why not implement this solution.  If you need help, feel free to comment below or reach out to me directly.

Before we get started on the New Chapter, I thought it might be prudent to share some of my experiences with the Old Chapter ... so here we go!



I remember it like it was yesterday; 10 years ... 2 months and 1 week ago almost to the day.  I was working for National Instruments, and I just downloaded my first version of Jive ClearspaceX 1.0.1 about a week prior and realized that there was a small reference to "build your own widgets" buried in the Admin Console.  On June 5th, 2007, I created my Jivespace account (then Jive Community, now JiveWorks) to try and learn more.  It was a month or so, until I saw the developer community and made a mad-dash to the Jive Developers Community.  It was there that I ran into the likes of matt ajohnson1200 stewart.wachs it2000  (who to this day, I still dont know what you look like ) mueller-ziebur (currently Pokeshot) and Magpie (a.k.a. magpie), and the conversations started to perk my interest to build some cool tech on the Jive platform.


Fast forward a year or so, my company's Jive ClearspaceX instance is solidly in production and a new Jive Clearspace (internal) instance in the works.  I decided to come back to the Developer community and give Jive development a go.  It is now 2009, the year of the first JiveWorld, and my first daughter was born on that Wednesday (this was the only JiveWorld I have missed to date).  In hopes of securing a speaker role in JiveWorld10, I released a flurry of my first public plugins ... Admin Essentials Plugin (name inspired by ddman's previous work), UNC Link SBS Plugin,ICS Export Plugin and QuickTemplates - Plugin and then gave my presentation in the "Geek Out On Jive" Track (Note:  It wasn't even the Developer Track, yet) at JiveWorld10.  From that point on, I was hooked.  After talking to developers, customers and Jivers at the conference, I ran away with a ton of ideas and built the Document Lock - Plugin  SBS Widget Pack - Plugin and QuickLinks Plugin ... because the solutions just made sense, and I knew that people would like them.  People liked them so much, that I started The specified item was not found. to try and manage feedback and communications around my work.  To this day, one of my favorite (and possibly nerdy and sadistic) memories was a challenge I made to myself to update all my plugins (at the time, it was about 13) from Jive 4.5 to Jive 5.0 in less than 24 hours.  I succeeded with time to spare with only one reported bug (pretty sure it was John Schwiller who reported it). micdrop =)


In October 2011, I joined Jive as the full-time community manager (see: And the new Jive Community Manager is …), but near and dear to my heart was always the Jive Developers community.  I continued to share my plugin solutions that I used in the Jive Community, such as the Unsubscribe Email Plugin, Managed Snippets Plugin (my 2nd favorite all-time plugin), Ghost Blog Plugin and continued releases to the Admin Essentials Plugin.  It was during this time that Jive 6 was released, and I was forced to re-think my QuickTemplates plugin, because the new Jive architecture changes rendered it completely broken.  I had a midnight epiphany that turned into an all-night coding bender that led to the QuickTemplates v2 - Plugin  (see: The specified item was not found. ), which is still my favorite plugin of all time.  A year later, I moved organizations to become Jive's Developer Evangelist, and started releasing content/features, such as: Do you know Jive-Fu?  It was around this time that you might remember me writing The specified item was not found.  which marked the end (at-least in my mind) of an era in my life, and I became strictly focused on Developer Relations / Advocacy at Jive.  My goal was to try and do all I could to help others achieve similar levels of success on the Jive platform.  The rest is a bit more recent, and I wont hash it all the details from the past 3-4 years, but here are some notable ones to remember:


A New Chapter for Ryan Rutan at Jive

At this point, you might be asking yourself "Why all that backstory?".  Well, as you have guessed it ... this blog post marks another end to an era in my career.  As part of Jive's acquisition, I have been offered (and accepted) a new and interesting position as the Jive Professional Services Product Manager, where a large portion of my job will be to innovate on PS product solutions for the Jive platform to solve customer problems.  In a way, I see this as going back to my "original jive roots" in a way ... listening to customers ... being excited by innovation and actually seeing my solutions in the wild helping customers.  You may have seen my recent discussion (see: Looking for some feedback from some awesome community managers...=)) asking for customer feedback.  This was me doing what I do best (IMO), and that is listening to customers, identifying core product improvements and (my favorite) finding paths to innovation to solve problems.  As part of this role, I still intend to be "active" in the JiveWorks community; however, my attention and focus will be 100% on my new position and making a difference, which will sadly leave no time for responding to developer questions, technology partner questions, etc ... =\


To be 100% openly truthful, writing this blog post is one of the more bittersweet things I've ever had to write in my career/life.  I know personally it is time for a change and excited for what lies ahead, but I've made so many relationships and helped so many people in the Jive Developers community it is difficult to take the next step.  Before I take those next steps, I wanted to call out some more people who come to top of mind as I reminisce over these past 10 years of my Jive Developer career and who made that experience exceedingly special!


pawans john_reynolds jmaaks roguen mcollinge czurcher NathanielElliott jgoldhammer pcrownov mikhalchuk l9rezn rschaller123 Brad.Fitzgerald nikhilnulkar kkendjouh BrianBezanson dougmackay mack_torres dmyrick cflanagan17 tmaurer Ted Hopton b.taub Matt Laurenceau england_k Potential CoraRodenbusch HeatherFoeh Emilie AmandaS nbussard jezmartin Melissa.Rosen Keeley Sorokti Jessica Maxson Edward Ford


I'm sure there are others who should be on this list, but there is still a whole other section to write ... so I've got to get going. =)  Please see "My Last Jive Developer Ask of You" (below)


A New Chapter for the Jive Developer Community

To get the innovation announced at JiveWorld17 to customers as soon as possible, it will require extreme focus and engineering resources.  With my transition to a new role and Rashed's recent departure (wishing him all the best in his new adventure), this puts the Jive Developer community in a new position where it will rely 100% on peer-to-peer support, until further notice.


If you are interested in volunteering community management time/expertise for the Developer Community, please visit the following document and comment on the timeframe for which you'd like to volunteer:

Volunteer Community Managers for Peer-to-Peer Places


As a result of this change, here are some questions I can think of that you might want answered:


  • Q: What will be the future of Jive Documentation?
    • A: Jive Documentation (REST API docs, etc...) will continue to be created by Engineering; however, the tutorials and blog posts created by Developer Evangelists will need to come from the community at large moving forward.
  • Q:  What will be the future of the Jive SDK and other open-source Jive projects?
    • A:  All projects will remain in open-source and continue to work (as-is) without official SLAs/support.  Developers are encouraged to use the community to answer questions.
  • Q:  Can we still @mention you for assistance?
    • A:  While I cannot stop you from @mentioning me (a curse of being the most followed person in JiveWorks ), there is also no way for me to guarantee a timely response (or response at all).  I will do my best (if it's a simple question) to respond back; however, it is recommended that you leverage Support Cases for official tracking of issues and Account Managers to escalate as needed should the Developer community be unable to assist.

Special thanks thanks to mueller-ziebur and his team at Pokeshot for helping update the SmarterPath Jive Developer Courses in JiveWorks over the past few quarters.  They aren't 100% finished, but they should be good enough to get you started and navigate all the content around the community.  Check them out, below our using the Course Catalog tab on the Jive Developers home page.


Jive Developer : 01 : Introduction to Jive Add-Ons

Learn the basics of the Jive Add-On framework and how to get started with Jive Add-On Development

Jive Developer : 02 : REST v3 API & Webhooks

Learn how to integrate and extend Jive to meet your business requirements in an easy and upgrade-safe manner using the REST APIs & Webhooks

Jive Developer : 03 : Analytics & Reporting

Learn how to leverage the Jive Data Export Service (DES) to export fine-grained event reporting about your Jive instance for in-depth reporting and analysis.

Jive Developer : 04 : Simple Stream Integrations

Learn how to harness the power and simplicity of Simple Stream Integrations without the use of middleware!

Jive Developer : 05 : Custom View & Data Tiles

Learn how to develop tiles to connect your Jive community with information from other systems relevant to your business.

Jive Developer : 06 : Jive Apps (OpenSocial)

Learn how to integrate and extend Jive to meet your business requirements in an easy and upgrade-safe manner using all the features of the Jive Apps Framework

Jive Developer : 07 : Cartridges (Jive Anywhere)

Learn how to integrate and extend Jive to meet your business requirements in an easy and upgrade-safe manner using the Jive Anywhere cartridges


If you have any further Jive Developer questions/concerns, please feel free to ask in the comments below, or raise them with your Account Managers.


My Last Jive Developer Ask of You


If you have a moment in your Jive journey that stands out where either myself or the Jive Developer community has helped you take your Jive story to the next level, it would be great if you could take 3-5 minutes and share that story in the comments below.


While I know that I have put a lot of work into the Developer Community, I am equally sure that the Developer Community has given back equally to me and others over these past many years, and hope that it can continue to embody the power of people working together to build awesome integrations on the Jive platform!


It has been in an extreme pleasure serving the Jive Developer community for these many years, and I look forward to the challenge of continuing to serve Jive customers with equal levels of innovation and passion in my new role.

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