Nik Edmiidz

Work Anniversaries Recognition Script

Blog Post created by Nik Edmiidz on Jul 14, 2017

Don't you wish Jive notified you about work-anniversaries like Linkedin?

Now it can with this simple integration we've open-sourced.


This script generates status messages in the group of your choosing announcing:

"So-and-so celebrated 12 years at Your Company today."

Furthermore it spoofs the celebrants account, creating it under their name which ensures that person's followers will notice. But it also includes a disclaimer "Posted by MyJiveBot" where MyJiveBot can be a link to more details about the bot.


Furthermore, you can set the cron to run at different times for different user profiles, so that APAC users will see their status messages first thing their morning and similar for Europe and the Americas.


This could also be easily modified for birthdays or other dates in your user profile.


The integration was created for Jive-n, but should also work on Jive-x and Jive 9. Previous versions of Jive APIs didn't support "user account  spoofing" so the status messages could not be created under the celebrant's account.


One of the nice things about it is it just runs against the user profiles, and creates single status updates, without any need for a database or complex systems. You could run it on your computer, but of course to schedule it, it's better if you have a middleware server where cron jobs can be set up.


There's obviously no guarantee or warranty that it will work, but If you have any questions, please comment below or reach out directly to me.