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jivedev QuickStart App

If you were there with us at JiveWorld17, you know that we announced the jivedev QuickStart App's availability in the Global Registry. That means that not only is it available in our sandbox AND JiveWorks community for all registered users, but also can be easily installed in your instance! For instructions how to install it on your own instance, check out: Installing an Add-on from the Global Registry.


NOTE: The Custom View Tile add-on that is generated is not compatible with Internet Explorer as it does not support many of the features found in ES6 JavaScript.



What is it? Why do I NEED to install it?

So this is probably the first question you have, and rightly so! This app allows you generate several different integrations by just copying and pasting your code into the textboxes. There are also a slew of great out of the box examples baked in. Now you can build some Jive Add-on's from right within your own instance! Getting other developer's in your organization to try extending your environment will now be even easier than ever since they'll have access to getting started without needing to navigate to here first. There is also plenty of helpful relevant links to documentation in each of the examples as well.



AND just like other add-on's in the global registry, it can also be restricted to being installed by only certain people or spaces/groups so you can manage who has the ability to generate add-on's. After you install the Add-on, you will see a gear in the "Apps Security" column of the page and pressing that gear will present you with a screen like the following:



Current Integration types

Custom View Tiles

Since CVTs are so popular these days, I tried to include as many of the most requested examples as possible. By default, you get contextual data of who and where you are, can make OSAPI HTTP requests from tile and have it render the response within the tile. It also supports instances where GALA is available and enabled and shows the different ways to get the URL of the app and assets.


Simple Stream Integrations

Similar to the SSI Builder that's been available on Simple Stream Integration Builder - Jive Developers, you can now create these powerful integrations without ever leaving your Jive Community.


OAuth Token Generator

Similar to the Try the New OAuth 2.0 Client Builder Web Tool, you can build these add-ons and reference this doc OAuth 2.0—Creating a Client and Managing Access to make calls to our REST API.


What else does it have?

We link to as many relevant pieces of documentation as possible, it's easily expandable so that we can have apps and other integration types as well if there's enough demand.


When should I install it?



After all the pre-conference buzz going into JiveWorld17//Developers,


we ended up having a spectacular showing of developer engagement and participation in the Hacker Lounge.  Here are just a few tastes of what
went down.  We hope to see each and everyone of you at JiveWorld18//Developers event, so stay tuned for more updates...and as always, Let Us
Know How We Can Help You Build Something Awesome!

Making It Even Easier to Develop Jive Add-Ons

Special thanks to Rashed Talukder for taking on this effort.  Now bring the power of the Jive Developer Community to your Jive Community.


  1. Visit the Add-On Registry (Jive 8, 9 and Cloud) on your Jive Instance
  2. Find the jivedev QuickStart Add-On, and Install
  3. (optional) Customize permissions of who can see/use Add-On and it's features via the App Settings section of the Add-On.
  4. Go to the Apps menu and enjoy add-on builders for OAuth2 Clients, Simple Stream Integrations and Custom View Tiles.


Let us know how this goes here in the Jive Developer Community ... we are always looking for feedback!


Getting Your Race On at the Jive Derby

In it's debut, the Jive Derby proved to be as exciting as anticipated.  With 86+ races, and 68 racers, JiveWorld17 attendees found an engaging way to connect with fellow Jive customers/developers and enjoy some good ole fashioned revelry.


JiveWorld17 Derby Champion


2.4057 seconds


For more details and specifics about the JiveWorld17 Derby, check out:


Keep in mind the Jive Derby is also a reference implementation for building a deeply integrated Jive experience with an external system.  Check out the following resources to learn more about how this integration was built from top to bottom.


Future of the Jive API & Documentation

There were some very deep and technical discussions about the upcoming Jive API, but here are just some of the high-points that were discussed.




  • Less Direct Jive Instance API Integrations … More Centralized Gateway Services
  • Distributed API Comprised of Numerous Microservices vs. Monolithic API Service
  • All New Features / Services Built by Jive Will Be Built Using Public Well-Documented APIs based on the Open API Specification (a.k.a. Swagger)
  • Every new micro service will include:
    • Publically Addressable Swagger Definitions
    • Publically Browsable API Documentation
  • Harness the power of Swagger Tool Eco-System (swagger-tools, POSTMAN, ...)
  • Help us understand what features in the Swagger specification you expect in our definitions to help insure you are getting the most out of them.  Feedback is always welcome!


Stay tuned for more updates in both Product and Jive Developers communities about Unified People ID, Unified Content ID and the new Connector Framework!


Cool IoT Demos for the Enterprise Collaboration

Another cool contribution from Rashed Talukder who demonstrated some cool integrated technologies to support a next-generation conference room experience.



  • Simulated enterprise calendar and resource integration to know who is where and with what at all times.
  • Facial recognition in conference room to track attendance using Lego avatars.
  • Extended Profile Metadata to control conference room temperature as an average of # of attendees and their temperature preferences.
  • Jive Data Export Service to scan activity during meeting invite related to attendees and subject to help create meeting note curation.
  • (optional) Alexa meeting note dictation to set up todos, take notes and reminders.
  • Meeting notes automatically submitted to Jive for attendees to review and further follow-up on action items.


The conference room of the future is more than a room, it is a collaboration and action facilitator to insure that you can focus more on doing the work than documenting it.


Developer Days is Coming Your Way Soon



The Jive Developer Days program has been quite popular, and we plan to continue it moving forward.  We will be taking feedback on topics you'd like to learn more about ... and determining our next event in the June/July 2017 timeframe.


Let us know what information you'd like us to bring on the bus to a webinar near you!

Check out the JiveWorld17 Vlog (episode 3) about the Jive Derby.


Fun with Ryan Rutan and roguen



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