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JiveWorld17//Developers - A Jive Development Immersion Experience Like No Other!

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Mar 30, 2017



We are just around the corner from JiveWorld17//Developers and we wanted to take a moment to share the latest details on what to expect!  We hope that every developer will take advantage of this new format and opportunity to learn about Jive's game changing platform and architecture, and we look forward to seeing you there!



Interested in bringing a group of developers, new to JiveWorld or a previous JiveWorld attendee? 

Reach out to jiveworld@jivesoftware.com for potential discounts!


What's New / Changes

For those who attended JiveWorld16 Developer Conference ... It's a Wrap!, you will notice that we've taken your feedback to heart and made some changes to make the experience even more valuable.


Bringing the Developer Sessions to the Developers ... More Time to Hack

Some of the most common feedback we have received over the past few years is how to find more time to hack / develop given the packed agenda.  Historically, we have had the Hacker Lounge in one location with separate rooms for Developer presentations.  This year, we are going to try something different:  All Hacker Lounge ... All the Time! We have enlarged our Hacker Lounge and equipped it with ~20 tables (with power) and chairs for people to not only hack/develop, but also listen to Developer presentations without having to leave their seat.  Not only will this help developers have more time to hack, it will centralize Jive experts around a single location at all times.


More Interactive Developer Experiences and Tutorials

Last year's Tri-Force Arcade Themed Challenges were received with an exceptionally positive response.  This year, we are going even bigger.  Check out the Jive Derby (below), to learn more about an interactive development experience coupled with an open-sourced Jive integration running at JiveWorld17!  Throughout the Hackathon and developer conference we will help walk you through a real-world Jive integration that follows many of the Common Jive Add-On Use-Case Patterns that we've been teaching in our Jive Developer Days > Coming to a City Near You! sessions.


New Shirt ... New Tri-Hackathon ... New Hacker Lounge Sponsor!


JiveWorld17 Tri-Hackathon

Last year's Tri-Hackathon format was well received, but we wanted to keep things fresh. On May 1st, we have our annual pre-conference hackathon in the Hacker Lounge.  The Hacker Lounge opens at 10:00am with  Pizza/Beer/Sodas being served from 12:00-5:00pm.


Are you not sure what to hack on, have questions about the Jive developer platform, or wanting to learn how to do something specific?  Throughout the hackathon (and the conference) our team of Jive experts will be available to listen to your requirements and guide you in the best possible direction.  Due to popular feedback from our Jive Developer Days program, we will do ad-hoc deep-dives on specific developer topics in a presentation or small group.


Hacker Lounge Sponsor - Silicon Labs

This year, we have the semi-conductor company Silicon Labs sponsoring our Hacker Lounge and we're going to be using their Thunderboard Sense for part of our Jive Derby and show you how easy it is to combine IoT and Jive. The Thunderboard Sense offers a variety of sensors in a small and power-efficient package and communicates over Bluetooth 4.2.



If you wanted to get started early and buy your own sense board, check out Thunderboard React Kit | Silicon Labs for the source code for iOS and Android.



Jive Derby (Code & Race)



  • Build a LEGO race car worthy of your hacker roots and enter the Jive Derby!
  • Build your own Jive Activity integration in the Hacker Lounge using the Jive Derby activity feed!
  • Interactive sessions deep-diving into the real-world solutions built using Common Jive Add-On Use-Case Patterns including open-source code from a real-world solution to kick start your next integration!


See On Your Mark ... Get Set ... Let's Derby (and Win an NES Classic)!  for more details!

Want to Get a Head Start on Your Jive Development Experience?

Integrations the Jive Way : Pre-Conference Workshop

Add-ons make it easy to create simple integrations with your existing systems of record. Learn about the Jive-SDK (Node.js) integration options and when to use them.

Try your hand at creating a simple stream integration, apps, and tiles. Having attended this session, you’ll be ready to complete coding challenges in the Hackathon!

Instructor: jezmartin




NES Classic (Games)

We'll have a dedicated TV w/NES Classic + 2 controllers in the Hacker Lounge available for recreational use during the Tri-Hackathon, Receptions and Conference Breaks.


How good are you at Dr. Mario, or any other of the games on the NES Classic?  Throw down a challenge in the [ARCHIVE] JiveWorld17 group and see who reigns supreme!


Developer Sessions & Town Hall

The JiveWorld17//Developers is all about three key principles:

  • Educate developers on the latest Jive platform capabilities and tools
  • Share guidance on upcoming developer features, experiences and use-cases
  • Collect feedback on developer platform direction to insure relevance


From the kick-off session to the closing Town Hall, Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder and other Jive engineering experts will be available to make sure you leave JiveWorld17//Developers with a clear direction on how to best build on the Jive platform.  Stay tuned to the JiveWorld17 Agenda and JiveWorld17 Mobile App for the latest in schedule times and updates.


We look forward to seeing you there, and please let us know if you have any questions!