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Developer Days Series 2-2 - West Coast Virtual

Blog Post created by Rashed Talukder on Mar 2, 2017




For our second round of the second series of our Developer Days, we're landing in the Pacific time zone to not only celebrate National Bavarian Crepes Day, but to explore developing middlewared Jive add-ons. In this series, we'll be covering how to create an external middleware'd Jive Activity Integration and also the different types of webhooks that Jive provides and some use cases that are popular.


How To Register

  1. Make sure your e-mail address in your profile is up-to-date and correct
  2. Please comment below with your firstName + " " + lastName + ", " + company
  3. ****If your organization's internal policies do not allow you to post on public forums, please feel free to message/e-mail me or Ryan Rutan and we'll take care of it.


  1. You must register yourself, and yourself only. You cannot register in someone's behalf. It not only keeps it fair for everyone, but also ensure we have a way to communicate and everyone has access to all the tools we'll be using (e.g. Jive Sandbox).
  2. Since we want to be able to reach as many organizations as possible and seating is limited, we are capping registration to 3 per organization and anyone beyond that will be placed on the waitlist. After registration closes, if there's space available, they'll be moved to be a registrant.
  3. Registration closes March 20th 5p.m. PST. We need a minimum of 10 people registered to attend to hold the event.


Event Details

  • March 22, 2017
  • 12:30p.m.-3:00p.m. PST
  • via GoToMeeting (specific meeting details will be given day before event via e-mail)



Everyone must have all the required software installed from Jive Developer Days Installfest

prior to joining the session. I will be posting up a document detailing everything with instructional video to make it as easy for everyone as possible & all registrants will get a reminder link.


What You'll Gain