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Happy New Year everyone!! To start the new year right, we're kicking off our second series of our Developer Days to help teach the next chapter of Jive Integrations. In this series, we'll be covering how to create an external middleware'd Jive Activity Integration and also the different types of webhooks that Jive provides and some use cases that are popular.


How To Register

  1. Make sure your e-mail address in your profile is up-to-date and correct
  2. Please comment below with your firstName + " " + lastName + ", " + company

If your organization's internal policies do not allow you to post on public forums, please feel free to message/e-mail me or Ryan Rutan and we'll take care of it.

  1. You must register yourself, and yourself only. You cannot register in someone's behalf. It not only keeps it fair for everyone, but also ensure we have a way to communicate and everyone has access to all the tools we'll be using (e.g. Jive Sandbox).
  2. Since we want to be able to reach as many organizations as possible and seating is limited, we are capping registration to 3 per organization and anyone beyond that will be placed on the waitlist. After registration closes, if there's space available, they'll be moved to be a registrant.
  3. Registration closes January 27th 5p.m. EST


Event Details

  • January 31, 2016
  • 12:30p.m.-3:00p.m. EST
  • via GoToMeeting (meeting specific details will be given day before event via e-mail)



Everyone must have all the required software installed from Jive Developer Days Installfest prior to joining the session. I will be posting up a document detailing everything with instructional video to make it as easy for everyone as possible & all registrants will get a reminder link.


What You'll Gain



Scott HurreyBlackboard
kbassBluegrass Care Navigators
sameer_vCapital One
MarlowtCapital One
Raj VachhaniCommvault Inc.
Ashish SatapathyDeutsche Bank
gopi.gorantalaEuropean Commission
jgoldhammerfme AG
vikasmathurJM Family Enterprises
Steven SchmidtLogitech
kretzschrT-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
lars.kreiszT-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Mirko SwillusT-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH




The last several weeks I was implementing a new custom view tile to show discussions in a forum like manner.




- show discussions with subject, author, creation date and place as a tile in page places

- showing metadata like number of likes, views, replies and bookmarks

- filter discussions by search for author names, subject and dates and mark results in the table

- html content previews for the discussion, the latest reply and the correct answer, loaded on demand when hovering the specific columns

- sorting of loaded discussions for (almost) all columns (client side sorting as Jive only supports server side sorting for fields title, latest activity and creation date)

- several configuration options (part not finished yet)

- show/hide columns

- layout of table

- tile name

- number of discussions shown

- filter for unanswered/answered questions


Implementation details

- Using the Jive REST API the tile will load more than 100 discussions at once (if necessary) in a batch and afterwards load only the latest reply of each discussion in a osapi batch call to reduce api calls to Jive.

- I am only requesting the data needed from the JIVE REST API by using the fields parameter. If the place where the discussion is created in should not be shown, I will not request it to save traffic and waiting times.

- Content preview is loaded on demand because the html preview can be very big and would increase waiting times.


- Jive SDK based on NPM

- Jive custom view tile technology

- Jive REST API via osapi library

- JQuery plus some addons

- Datatables

- JBOX library














I want your feedback- please share your ideas, questions and hints!!


What do you think?




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