Rashed Talukder

Speedier Custom View Tiles with Gala

Blog Post created by Rashed Talukder on Nov 29, 2016



We have some exciting news to share for Jive Cloud customers! There was a lot of requests to increase the performance of Custom View Tile's load times and to satisfy that without compromising security, we're presenting the new Gala service to replace Shindig. What lets Gala work is better caching and loading from a different domain CDN than your Jive instance. The results of this is a perceived up to 30+% faster loading times than before!!!


How do you enable the new Gala service?

Admin Console > System > Settings > New Features > Lightweight Custom Tiles

We will be enabling GALA service in the official Jive Sandbox in the near future for you to test out yourself mid-December. This post is just to give everyone a heads up.


How to check if Gala is admin enabled inside add-on?

There will be a globally available gala object. So in your included javascript:

if(gala && typeof gala === "object"){
     // Do Gala specific stuff


What do I need to do differently?

Since Gala loads the assets from a domain other than your main Jive site into an iFrame, you won't be able to read the window.location or window.parent.location. So to help solve that, we've introduced two new methods that are available whether Gala is enabled or not—jive.tile.getAppURL() and jive.tile.getJiveURL(). An example of getting the add-on's URL before Gala and after is below:


// Old way to get Add-on URL
function getAddonURL(){
     var matches = window.location.href.match(/.*?[?&]url=([^&]+)%2F.*$/);
     if (matches.length === 2){
          return decodeURIComponent(matches[1]);
     } else{
          return ''; 


// New GALA way to get Add-on URL
function getAddonURL(){
     if (gala && typeof gala === "object"){
          return jive.tile.getAppURL();