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Jive Developer Days > Coming to a City Near You!

Blog Post created by Rashed Talukder on Apr 12, 2016

The Developer Days are Coming!


You guys have been asking for it, and we've listened! Taking your feedback from JiveWorld16, we're going take our hackathon materials on the road in a 4 hour workshop + hack day event to a few major cities around the nation. So be sure to bookmark this page and stay up to date on events! Below are some answers to questions you might have until we do our official announcement.


Official announcements with final details coming soon!


What is it?

It's a hour-long workshop for creating middleware-less add-ons for Jive, then a ~4 hour hack sessions where you work together in a team on an idea YOU come up with, based on given criteria or use some of the pre-defined examples.


Why are you doing it?

Because an overwhelming number of Developers asked, and we thought it was a great idea, and we love great ideas just as much as we love watching people come up with really cool solutions to real world problems & use-cases using Jive. At the end of the day, we want you to not only know how powerful Jive is, we want you to know how to harness the power yourselves.


Who is going to be there?

If you're reading this, then hopefully YOU! We want every developer to go to this very developer-centric event to get trained and learn more in depth about how you can do more for your community with hands-on coverage of middleware-less solutions. Both myself and Ryan Rutan will be at each of these events to help steer you in the right path and show best practices


How much is it going to cost me to attend an event?

All you need to bring is curiosity. The events are free, you'll just need to register (to be announced, TBA).


When and where are the events?

Good question! We're working all of that out, but until we do, we'd love to hear in the comments below of where you'd like us to go and how may people from your team you think would be interested.