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JiveWorld16 Developer Conference ... It's a Wrap!

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Mar 22, 2016

It was an interesting year for the JiveWorld16 Developer Conference.  We had quite the pre-conference buzz going around JiveWorld,

and while we are glad we tried a lot of new things this year, we are excited to start working on next year's conference and agenda to make it even better!  We wanted to take a moment to share some of these quick updates, so developers could start watching the videos and trying all the new goodies revealed at the conference!


Walkthrough 360* Video

View around with mouse/touch


Developer Breakout Sessions

Catch up on sessions you missed and/or re-live the sessions to pick up that extra detail.  These videos with slides are available to make sure that no detail is missed and you walk away fully informed about the latest developer platform enhancements!

Reach out in the Developer community or in the comments section of the respective videos if you have any follow-up questions.  We are here to help!



Ryan Rutan

Yuval Twig

2016 Jive Developer Platfom Keynote (video)

Technologies are ever-changing, and so are platforms.  With the release of Jive 8 and the latest version of Jive Cloud, Jive has added simpler and more powerful ways to build integrations that harness the social context that drives your business.


In this session, you will get an overview of Jive’s integration architecture, new techniques for constructing business applications, and proven strategies to help developers maximize time while expediting return on investment.   Coupled with an unparalleled user experience and off the charts user engagement, it is easy to see why more and more customers are turning to Jive as their go-to enterprise development platform.

Yuval Twig

Getting Started with the Jive iPaaS (video)

Formerly known as Project Iris, Jive iPaaS has been built to streamline developer solutions from conception, to testing and on through deployment.  With a creation wizard, project templates, service management and rapid testing options, developing Jive add-ons with middleware has never been easier.  In this session, you will hear Jive Product Management discuss the capabilities of the Jive iPaaS SDK and and how you can start building your solutions on it today.


Give it a try today at https://ipaas.jivesoftware.com



What's New: Jive REST API & Analytics Integrations (video)

Whether it’s running ad-hoc commands to your local machine or hardened solutions for repeatable results, integrations built using Jive’s APIs are a principal part of developing on the Jive platform.  In this interactive session, Jive engineers will cover the latest enhancements and features to the REST and Analytics APIs for Jive 8 and Cloud, as well as patterns to help developers maximize their enterprise solutions using the Jive platform.


butch (TemboSocial)

Building Jive Add-Ons Your Way (video)

When it comes to building the best enterprise solutions, creating things your way is hard to beat. With the emergence of the add-on framework, Jive has opened the doors for developers to build solutions in their preferred languages. In this session, Jive experts will share experiences building add-on solutions in Java and Ruby from the ground up. Learn strategies and best practices on how to build a Jive add-ons using your preferred web-ready programming language and get ready to build something awesome.




Be sure to check out our open source jive-sdk-* repos on github.com/jivesoftware and get started today!



What's New: Integrated User Experiences in Jive (video)

Building amazing user experiences is the cornerstone for any successful social system integration.  In this interactive session, Jive engineers will navigate the latest improvements to the App, Add-On and Tile frameworks, in both Jive 8 and Cloud, that enable developers to integrate solutions into Jive’s amazing user-experience.

Gal Oppenheimer (built.io)

Tech Talk:  Future of Microservices & iPaaS (video)

As we look to the future of the Jive platform, it is hard to not recognize emerging technologies that will have a foreseeable impact on how developers integrate with Jive.  Two such technologies are microservices architecture and iPaaS (Internet Platform as a Service).




In this session, you will hear from Gal Oppenheimer at Built.io, share his views about growing microservice & iPaaS trends and what it means for the future of building scalable Jive integrations in the cloud.

Rashed Talukder

Unleashing the Power of Simple Stream Integrations in Jive (video)

Socializing third-party system activity in Jive is a powerful integration pattern, especially if you can enrich the activity from all the right systems.  In this session, Jive’s Developer Evangelist will walk you through the progressive power behind Jive’s Simple Stream Integrations.  Learn strategies and best practices on how to effectively scale this powerful, yet simple capability in your enterprise without middleware.

saturnism (Google)

amirh1 (Google)

Tech Talk: Developing and deploying Java-based microservices in Kubernetes (video)

A quick overview on Docker containers, usages, and how to scale up from a single container to a fleet of containers working together with Kubernetes for real-life workloads, such as running java-based applications! Join this session to see how to use Kubernetes to launch, manage, and rolling-upgrade a fleet of Java application instances with session replication.


Kubernetes builds on top of Docker to construct a clustered container scheduling service. Kubernetes enables users to ask a cluster to run a set of containers. The system will automatically pick worker nodes to run those containers on, which we think of more as “scheduling” than “orchestration”. Kubernetes also provides ways for containers to find and communicate with each other and ways to manage both tightly coupled and loosely coupled sets of cooperating containers.


In this session, you’ll learn: – How to containerize different Java-based microservice workloads using Docker and different build tool plugins – Deploying and managing a fleet of Java-based microservices in Kubernetes – Service discovery 101 in Kubernetes – Perform critical DevOps steps, such as canary, rolling update, roll backs… – Tips and tricks!

pawans (ThoughtWorks)

Old Dog, New Tricks: Adding Features to Jive Cloud (video)

The Jive platform has a lot to offer developers. Everything from add-ons, to apps, stream integrations, to webhooks and even data services for analytics are at the developers disposal to build feature rich enterprise solutions. In this session, Pawan will demonstrate how ThoughtWorks utilizes the Jive add-on framework and Jive’s open source Node.js SDK to add new features and capabilities to Jive Cloud. If you are looking to uncap the true power of the Jive platform using the add-on framework, this is a session you do not want to miss!

smoghe (ThoughtWorks)

mikhalchuk (411 Labs)


Developer Tips: Building Quick Solutions on the Jive Platform (video)

Bigger isn’t always better.  In fact, sometimes the most valuable solutions you can build are the simplest and easiest to roll-out.  With the latest improvements to the Jive platform, it has never been easier to develop and deploy quick solutions that add real value to the business.  In this session, you will learn tips, tricks and best practices from Jive experts on how to build fast and effective solutions on the Jive platform.  If you are interested in learning about low-friction quick wins with Jive development, then this session is for you!


Yuval Twig




Developer Town Hall (no video available)

This session was very informal, but very interactive.  We had Jive engineering/product executives and architects in attendance to answer questions directly from the audience.  Lots of features were suggested and many have been already been noted for internal consideration.  Overall, the session was very well received and we plan to do it again next year!


JiveWorld16 Tri-Hackathon

jw16-dev-trihackathon-logo-teal-small.pngThe inaugural launch of our new hackathon format was a glowing success.  All those who participated loved the breakout of the hackathon experience; however, we had some work to do to polish some of the edges.  This was to be expected, but we are glad that those who could attend enjoyed their experience and learned some new things in Jive along the way.  Below are the winners from each stage of the Tri-Hackathon.


Hackathon StageWinner


Check out the Developer Coding challenges to see how you would do!



Dominating performance across all level of coding,
including the best in show award!




When it comes to arcade games, do not mess with this guy.

He scored a scorching 72,650 on GunSmoke to claim the prize!




A true tri-hackathon dark horse.  He came out of nowhere and scored a conference high 34k points to win the Hacker Trivia Challenge!




"Andrey the Rockstar" created created a expansive logic flow with multiple activity integrations into Jive with Built.io's Flow.




In between rounds of dominating the arcade, Patrick put together some awesome Flow integrations!




Wow, stop being so incredibly good at everything! Andrey showed incredible mastery with a Jive Inbox Pebble WatchApp that he put together in almost no time at all using Pebble Cloud IDE. Congrats on creating such a thorough app!


Here are just a few more of the updates from the conference:

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Be sure to check out more of our updates on @jivedev on Twitter.