Ryan Rutan

Introducing the Jive Developer App Reference "App" on the Developer Sandbox

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Mar 4, 2016

As we prepare to launch into JiveWorld16, we wanted to do all we could to make sure that developers understood the power that exists at their finger tips with the Jive developer platform!


One of the more difficult concepts to communicate has been around the value and pervasiveness of app integrations.  A while ago, we assembled the App Action Contribution Reference as a single source for information on all the locations where developers can weave app experiences into Jive.  One thing that was missing in this was a bit of the glue that brings it all together, such as understanding exactly how apps understand the core tenants of rendering a "contextual experience", such as:

  • Who is the Viewer?
  • What is my app context?
  • Where is my app being viewed?
  • How is my app being displayed?
  • How to target app delivery to only key points in the Jive UX?


[Enter, Stage Left] Jive Developer App Reference "App"


Overview of Features


  • Implements every action contribution in the App Action Contribution Reference, including distinct actions for "All Places", "All Content" and their individual content/place type specifics.
  • Includes a clean Jive App Javascript structure (if developers do not have one already) for structuring their Jive App JS.  Note how simple the app structure is that supports all these use-cases, for easy to follow
    • 1 app.xml, 1 canvas.html, 1 main.js, and 1 main.css


Includes sample code implementations for:

  • Who is the current viewer?
  • What is my current view name & context?
  • What is my current action name & context?
  • Get/Setting View Params for in-app linking.
  • !app artifact creation
    • Simple App Links to initiate in-content contextual app-views
    • Simple HTML Markup (instead of App Link)


App Screenshots

  1. Canvas View
  2. Group Tab View w/Params
  3. Content Action View


Give it a Try for Yourself

We've updated the Getting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDK tutorial with details on how you can generate this app for yourself to get started on your own.


Simply follow the tutorial yourself, or use these quick steps if you already have the Node.js jive-sdk installed:

  • jive-sdk create app
  • jive-sdk build --apphosting="jive"
  • Upload the extension.zip to the Developer Sandbox


Once installed, simply cross reference the App Action Contribution Reference to find all the hidden gems in this app. =)


As always, I hope this helps ... and enjoy!