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Want to write services for Jive in a language you love? Here's a refreshing initative to help your fellow developers in the Jive community, write something cool, or test out that language you've been wanting to learn all while having some fun and earning some extra money! What we're looking for is a minimal viable SDK in a language of your choosing and complete as many of the required items you can (listed below) to earn up to $200 per SDK! Clone the repo's below and submit a pull request with your additions for review.


Feeling good about your accomplishments and want to tell the world? You can blog about your contributions here in the Jive Community or mention us on Twitter @JiveDev and we'll help spread the word!




Submissions Due

Due to the holiday season coming up, we are offering two timelines for gift card awards.

  1. Submit your pull request by November 30 and receive your gift card by December 4th! Just in time to use them for Gifts!
  2. Last submission due no later than 11:59PM PST on January 31. Gift cards will be awarded after all reviews are complete.





Gift Cards with an amount based on the completeness and quality of your committed project, you can get a gift card for up to $200 for each submitted SDK. Choose from Amazon, Apple or even Burger King (others may be available by request)! It's possible to also earn money for clean/performance rewrites of code, improving the documentation, or other types of complementary contributions. Cards will be awarded with values ranging from $5-200. After review, we will contact you regarding where you'd like to receive the digital gift card(s).



Languages in Progress

Clone the repo's below. *Contributions to other repo's may not result in an award.


SDK (package manager friendly)

Example (project repo's)

For languages that apply, examples must use industry accepted frameworks (e.g., Python using Flask or Django framework).



Reference Jive SDKs / Implementations

Use these SDK's as a foundation to validate your understanding and methodologies for building in the languages listed above.



Minimum Viable SDK Requirements

  1. Validate headers — register and unregister ( Ensure Register Calls are Coming from a Genuine Jive Instance )
  2. Validate signed fetch add-on requests (How to Validate Signed Requests from an App Bundled in an Add-On )
  3. Examples Framework ( Getting Started > Building a Jive Add-On  )
    • Tile (with /jive/tile/register & /jive/tile/unregister endpoints)
    • App (with static assets — html, css, js)
      • Optional: Dynamic server-side component
    • Add-On (with configure screen)
  4. Documentation of methods for each task


Other ways To Contribute (and earn!)

  • Performance and legibility improvements to code.
  • Improve documentation by writing clear and succinct explanations of codebase and methods to run.
  • Automation, test cases, and other types of contributions (creativity is encouraged!).




  • We reserve the right to deny contributions if they are not complementary to the nature of the project.
  • All participants must be a member of and following the Jive Developer Community.

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