Rashed Talukder

Try the New OAuth 2.0 Client Builder Web Tool

Blog Post created by Rashed Talukder on Oct 8, 2015

Hello Jive Devs,


Today we launched a new web tool for creating an OAuth 2.0 clients for your Jive instance. Previously, your options were to use the Node.JS Jive-SDK or build the add-on from scratch, well this tool allows for greater customization in your zip in fewer steps. You simply need to enter a redirect URL in the field and give your add-on a title, description, and square icon (it will be resized automatically into 3 separate sizes). Try it out, get some tokens and build your next add-on with secure REST API calls: OAuth 2.0 Client Builder - Jive Developers


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.17.56 PM.png


We've also updated some of our old documentation to provide one resource for your Jive OAuth2 questions: OAuth 2.0—Creating a Client and Managing Access


Hope you find the tool useful. Post your feedback, suggestions, questions in the comments below!