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From Points to Pints in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Aug 5, 2014

beer-pints.pngA few weeks ago we announced some awesome winners in the Jive Developer Program - 2013-14 Recap, Achievements and Winners + 2014-15 Preview announcement, including:


Note:  We are still waiting to hear back from some of you on your prize selection, so if you haven't told me your Hue/Pebble color yet ... best to hurry up


Since announcing these winners, I've been hard at work putting together some ideas on how we can structure this year's developer program, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the changes for this year that I've gotten set up.


What Are Pints & How to Earn Them

It's simple.  In addition to earning standard Jive Community points, for each contribution below you perform in the Jive Developers community, you will also earn Pints.  Pints ... the official status-level point system of the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program!  The following developer pint missions have already been configured and activated in the Jive Developers Community (as of 08/05/2014):


  • Ask Questions
    2 Pints / Question
  • Answering Questions
    20 Pints / Question
  • Marking Correct / Helpful Answers on your Questions
    5 Pints per Question
  • Attend Developer Webinar
    50 Pints per webinar attended
  • Attend JiveWorld Developer Conference
    250 Pints
  • Developer Blogging
    50 Pints per blogpost
  • Earning Jive Developer Expertise Badges via Announcing a Smarter Way To Do Jive Developer Training, or comparable subject expertise blogging.
    150 Pints/each skill
  • Liking Content - Liking awesome documents/blogs in the Jive Developer to help promote their visibility
    1 Pint (10 Max per Day)
  • Liked Content - Liked documents/blogs in the Jive Developer can earn the author more Pints
    1 Pint (100 Max per Day)


Bonus Pints

In addition to the above community participation, we also aim to award Pints for participation in any of our current and future open source projects on GitHub.  Some projects to consider are GitHub4Jive and JiveAnywhereCartridges (per  Announcing Jive Anywhere Labs)

  • Submit an Issue
    5 Pints
  • Fork an active jivesoftware Project
    10 Pints
  • Issue a Pull Request
    20 Pints


Note: For the short-term, these points will be manually curated; however, we will look for ways to automate them in the near future.  If you feel you are not getting the points for your contributions, please feel free to @mention me.



What Can I Do With Pints

I'm still working on this one, and would love to get some more feedback from you on what incentives Jive could offer to make your participation more engaging and fun.  We are going to look into the Developer Status Levels from last year, and most likely bring those back for 2014-15; however, when it comes to prizes, incentives, etc ... we are trying to think out of the box.


Some ideas we've considered:

  • Physical Prizes - Apple iWatch, bt.tn Cloud Ready Button, IoT Sensors/Actuators, Raspberry Pi gear
  • JiveWorld Experience - JiveWorld Developer Discounts & Special Access / Treatment
  • Onsite Hackathon Events - This is somewhat of a new idea, but if you were to attain enough Pints, then you could earn a free hack day with Mark / Ryan, where they will come onsite and sit down with your team of developers and hack on whatever projects that suits your fancy.  Maybe even a developer dinner with your team.  Very interested to hear feedback on this one. =)


With all that said, its time for people to start racking up the Pints in the Jive Developers community! 
(see the quarterly leaderboard on the Jive Developers community homepage)


JiveWorld14 Developer Conference - Register Today

JiveWorld14 Developer Conference in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel from October 21-23.  We'll have matthewmccullough from GitHub/OSCON keynoting our developer track, our annual hackathon and midnight hack sessions and cool developer gadgets giveaways from bt.tn. =)