Rapid Jive Development in the Cloud with Nitrous.IO

Blog Post created by yuval.z Employee on Jun 24, 2014

Nitrous.io is no longer available. Please use a similar service Cloud9 - Your development environment, in the cloud OR our recommended local development tool Ngrok.io. To use Ngrok, we have written the following guides:


We get many comments in the Jive Community from developers who want to play around with our Jive Node SDK and the Jive Developer Sandbox. The Jive Node SDK is an extremely fast way to learn what you can do with the Jive development platform; the Jive Developer Sandbox is a great testbed for what you create. Using these development tools and services, you can start creating apps and tiles for your Jive community in minutes.


The problem is that many developers' systems are behind firewalls or simply not routable from the Jive Developer Sandbox.


In order to work with our Jive Developer Sandbox, you need a publicly routable IP address with firewall policies that allow our server to communicate with your service. But if that is not a feasible scenario, there are other solutions. For one, you can move your development into the cloud.


We've already discussed how to use Heroku to communicate with our sandbox, but today we'd like to show you a simple solution that is particularly well-suited for rapid development (and can ultimately be deployed to Heroku for production, if you choose to go that route).


It involves using a great, cloud-based IDE called Nitrous.IO.


With Nitrous.IO, you can quickly have publicly accessible servers running your Jive services.


I just posted a tutorial in the Jive Community explaining how to use Nitrous.IO to do Jive Node SDK development against the Jive Developer Sandbox:
Using Nitrous.IO with the Jive Node SDK.


With this tutorial, it should take under 20 minutes to have a tile running in the Jive Developer Sandbox — with your service running on a Nitrous.IO box.


There are more aspects to cloud development that we'll be discussing in the Jive Developer Community in the coming months, but this gives you an initial idea of the possibilities.