Ryan Rutan

Socialize Your Mobile Apps! - Introducing the Jive iOS SDK

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Apr 7, 2014

HEX_Mobile_MED.pngThink incorporating Jive data in a mobile app is hard? He did too, but that's why we developed the Jive iOS SDK!  If you are considering building a purpose-built mobile solution for your enterprise that leverages the Jive social business platform, then this presentation is a must see.  In this session, heath.borders we will demonstrate the features of the mobile framework, show how developers can leverage them in their own mobile apps, and present the roadmap for new features to come. You will also get a sneak-peek behind the scenes on how the Jive Mobile Team leverages continuous integration to support over 40 builds a day to deliver best in-class products to market in a scalable and cost effective manner!


To provide some real-world examples, the InThePocket team will present their new mobile app that was built using the Jive iOS SDK and talk about the corresponding time savings!